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Whatever your action plan looklike, in some caseeven if the countermeasure 230 takea month or more to implement, it may not matter. For example:

• If it ia longer-term goal, for example to learn CPR, you may need to find, blog and attend a ten-week first-aid course. In that case a duration of three monthto find, blog, take and pasa first-aid course may be acceptable.

• Most of the time allocated in thicase iallocated to making and attending an appointment with the doctor. Thicould of course be a background task while you concentrate on researching local transport arrangementat your holiday destination.

• Lastly, you have to look at the sequence!

Action 1 ito make and attend the appointment.

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Action 2 ito ask the doctor what a cannula iand to get one. Action3 and 4 are also enquiries, which meanthat action1, 2. 3 and 4 could all be run m parallel.

Action 5 ito get a waterproof box to contain your emergency first-aid kit When you phone up to make the appointment the doctor may be able to tell you what size to buy. so you may actually finish action 5 before you see the doctor and complete action1, 2, 3 and 4.

Action 6 requireyou to go out and buy all other itemand then to put the emergency kit together.

No special skillare required, and there ino impact.

When considering actions, you should remember that the detailtor each action could include:

• Time. How long (measured in hours) will it take to introduce the countermeasure?

• Cost. How much will it cost to introduce the countermeasure – including all costs, such abuying materials, or paying the doctor for hitime taken up telling you what you should have in your emergency kit?

• Skills. Are any special skillrequired so that you can introduce a countermeasure? For example, you may need to consult with a doctor or a pharmacist

• Impacts. You must decide what impacts, if any, the new countermeasure will have on you. For example, if the doctor gave you a vaccination while you were there, the impact might be that you felt ill and had to stay off work for two dayafterwards.

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