Travel Advice And Advisories For Holy Land

High-risk area- countermeasures

Talk it over with family and friends, and make sure that they know what you would do in an emergency. If there ia problem and everyone sayyou will curl up in a ball and wait for rescue or you will head north to the border, rescue serviceknow what you are likely to do! That will make it easier to help you.

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When you arrive, contact the British embassy or consulate so that they know you are there and know what your planare. More importantly, they know how to contact you if they need to update you about changeto the threat level or send you home if the situation habecome critical

Adopt a friendly but cautiouattitude with everyone you meet. Stay non-controversial at all times, and don’t get drawn into argumentor discussionabout politics, religion, America, world-trade, etc.

Never talk about the reason for your visit or discusyour schedule and plans.

Never leave personal or businespaperin your hotel room. There ino point in not talking about thingif you leave it all on your bed for anyone to read.

Be aware of your surroundings, and look out for people who seem to be following you or hanging around watching what you do, people who are out of place.

Find out where official buildingare in your area. In a crisiyou should be able to go to one of them for safety. Placesuch aan embassy, consulate, police station, government office, major hotel or hospital are the best (though in a riot you may want to avoid government buildingand police stations).

Make sure that you have left a copy of your travel and meeting planwith somebody at home, and if you change those planlet that person know. If you go missing, the authoritiecan at least follow your schedule to see how far you got before you vanished, and that will give them a starting point ato where to look for you.

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