Travel Advice And Advisories For Riviera Maya

• The higher the risk factor in an area, the more you should avoid adopting habits. For example, if a terrorist knowthat you go to the cafe opposite your hotel for a coffee at 08:30 every morning, they could plan to attack or kidnap you there. With no observable pattern to your activitieit will be that much harder to reach you.

If you use a taxi, make it a habit to use different pick-up points, or a terrorist could warn off genuine driverand be the only ‘taxi’ on the rank when you come out of your hotel in the morning.

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When you use a taxi, most countriehave a licensing system. Before you get in, check the driver against hilicence – especially if it ia photo-licence. If the face and photo match, you can at least be sure that the driver in the taxi ia licensed taxi driver. If the face isn’t the same he may have killed the real taxi driver, just to get hold of the taxi to attack you. If the driver and licence don’t match, don’t get in the car. You just have to hope that your legitimate taxi driver isn’t also a terrorist!

• Where possible, travel in a group. A single person ian easier target than a group.

• Never invite people back to your hotel room, and don’t let people into your hotel room if they come to the door. All contact with people should be in a public area.

• If anyone deliveror trieto hand you a package, do not accept it unlesyou are expecting it. A bomb that looklike anything larger than a well-filled standard envelope can easily kill!

Plan your dayso that you are in control of your schedule. Get local businescontactto come to you if possible. If you are winning a contract, you can claim that you are hosting the meeting aa courtesy. If they want something from you, you can just insist that they play by your rules.

Set a plan of action, saying what you will do in the event of an escalation in the threat in the country/town/area, awell awhat you will do if there iany attack against you. A copy of that plan should also be left with the person at home who iholding a copy of your proposed schedule. For example, if there ia bomb explosion or an assassination, you could say you will go to the British embassy, or maybe phone the consulate to seek advice ato where to go.

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