We’ve had a casualty Abby what happened. I’m not an ammeter no. I can’t turn left she’s a pinched nerve in her neck, and now she like can’t move.

I spent like an hour tending to her loving her. But aside from that we are off to a great start we’re here at the gili Ocean Club, and this is where we’re staying for our entire time here in gili we actually have these bikes here that we can borrow. So we’re gonna go into town now today’s a beautiful day.

And So these are the streets that you see in Gilly everything is connected through this kind of back alley way of quiet little really basic streets you get around the island pretty well using the bikes here there’s no cars there’s no scooters there’s only horse-drawn carriages foot walking, and these look at that little baby goat the baby go hello Baxter doesn’t care at all. I have your films picking your nose. I wasn’t a scratch you’re picking your nose show me down heaven don’t shoot me down heaven don’t shoot me down.

I thought for sure that. I lost my drone back there. Because like it’s just a piece of crap like the livestream does not work anymore it’s not basically flying it without actually knowing where it is other than like making eye contact with the drone, and for a while.


I lost it it was like behind a cloud like not that far. But just blend it in with the cloud press like come back to home wasn’t listening luckily eventually just started flying in the direction. I thought it was.

I found it. I thought it was gone. And I got to meet some cool fans which was really cool actually met probably about 10 people since being on the island watched the posts.

So it’s always cool if you guys ever see us anywhere please come say hi. I love getting to meet you guys he looks like he’s pondering a decision he’s like should. I buy the boat or should.

I buy the jet ski that is the meow question. I seriously love the vibe of this island like people are so friendly here everyone’s got like no worries no care there was just chilling you guys if you’re coming to Indonesia make sure to check out gili t, and maybe the rest of the gillies.

I love guillotine yeah people people do keep trying to sell us drugs happy shake little start. I’m gonna crash right in the middle of the island that giant white tower there that is the temple my day, and half of being here. I keep hearing the call to prayer like in the morning in the afternoon in the evening you hear, and on the bike for about 15 minutes.

And I think it takes about half an hour to get around the entire island if you’ve got a decent pace going this is like tumblr goals right now old-school bikes bamboo bike rack. So there’s all these beanbag chairs there’s some where you can read your book there’s hammocks right on the water. I think that might be more for Instagram.

But we’re gonna take advantage of that all right. So this lady missed the memo she thinks she can just sit there, and actually relax that’s clearly for photos, and she’s ruined her photo what photo will we use tuned in to Instagram to find out this water here is just about the same temperature as. I would have in my bathtub it is so warm like. I wish it was a little cooler. Because it’d be nice, and refreshing.

Because it’s a very hot day today. But it’s still really nice to be able to just relax in the water Abby’s catching some rays hopefully she’s got her sunblock on drift in away away of know hey watch out for the coral on your right you’re about to drift into some rocks you’re on rocks they kept feeling this little stinging. And I touch my side, and there’s like this white little critter on me, and then all of a sudden.

I start feeling all over my body there’s like these five little shrimp looking things just trying to eat me didn’t hurt that much. But it wasn’t comfortable oh we survived, and we’re going to survive, and our shakes are here. So I like to share prices with you guys, and Gilly is full of expensive things it’s definitely not a cheap backpackers place.

I mean you can definitely come here as a backpacker, and you have to it’s really beautiful but I mean beers starting at like $3 Canadian or $2.25 u.

S. like it’s really expensive. But even dinner.

I mean you’re looking at about $5 for like a decent dinner that’s like street food it easily goes up to like $10 for a meal here lots of expensive things. But look where. I am yeah it’s worth it this is probably the most chilled of the chilled islands.

I’ve ever been to like this is the kind of island. I could come to for like two weeks drop everything, and just like feel fully restore it after two weeks Abby’s on it while Abby’s bringing some worries. So they can’t move her next we have like not move from the spot today.

So this is the west end of the island, and this is where we’re gonna watch the sunset from there’s gonna be a lot more people getting here probably in like the next hour. Because sun’s going to set around 6:30 it’s been a really amazing day like. We’ve just been relaxing here reading the sunset it’s Golden Hour now as you could see it on the glow of our faces, and people are definitely looking for these swings this is like the time to get the the key lighting this is pretty much with Gilly Tia’s you know we basically showed you guys a typical day here in gili t sit well.

I got a thing how are you doing no good. I still kept with my neck, and it’s getting worse. So I need to go find medicine annapolis.

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there can turn goodbye Abby say goodbye everyone’s could be the last time you ever see here this is the definition of tropical vibes just chilling out nothing to do reading the sunset in the most beautiful place one of the most beautiful places disclaimer. I think that’s what. I’m gonna start doing up, and start putting disclaimers whenever.

I say it the most something the most beautiful the most expensive the most lovely whatever it is there’s me a little disclaimer. So that you guys can’t call me up also guys check that thing out that is right at the end of the swingset thing here my two favorite things on one chair. So we had to make a quick stop for some medical services as.

I mentioned earlier Abby has like a pinched nerve in her neck, and it just keeps getting worse, and worse insuk alicia can’t even look to her left like it’s a problem. I had since. I was a baby.

I can’t turn left. I mean there have got to be some people out there just like you can’t turn left got a some ibuprofen which will help reduce inflammation, and hopefully she’s good for tomorrow that’s all. I can’t even like straighten my head now it keeps like tilting more, and more to the side clean bed it’s the best thing ever when you’re in a hot climate the best thing in the world is to come back to a clean bed in an air-conditioned room guys Gilly Ocean Club has been amazing.

So far my favorite thing about this hotel is that they actually have the fastest internet on the entire island. So for someone like myself who’s constantly uploading downloading okay please for Abby if you want her to recover hit the thumbs up button subscribe if you want her does one more thing today was my party. I forgot that like.

I forgot. I posted it online. But then for some reason.

I didn’t register today. I had 150k thank you. So so much to every single one of 150,000 of you guys you guys have allowed me to do.

So much you guys keep allowing me to share the travels the adventures. And I really. I am.

So grateful to you guys. Because we are nothing without you guys you guys are just as much a part of the blog as Abby. And I.

So a massive thank you, and guys let’s get lost again tomorrow some of the day.

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