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City of Buffalo, NY – Neighborhoods

The New York Public Library a beautiful building in bozar style was designed by the Carrere and Hastings architecture company, and was opened in 1911 on the former site of a reservoir.

The Majestic building of white marble was financed primarily by private donations with half the expenses born.

The steel factory owner Andrew Carnegie.

Who had the Carnegie Hall built, the library holds about 36 million objects including 11.3 million books, and the Holdings are from 3 private libraries, the aster, the Lenox, and the children libraries.

In addition to books 14 million manuscripts are also preserved here.

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The handbook Library contains 40000 volumes.

This is America second biggest library following the Library of Congress in Washington DC mini know the character

Heuristic Chrysler Building Tower from King Kong movies, the Romantic Art Deco Tower block.

I’ve been to highest building in the city for a year, until the Empire State Building was finished

Fashion by William Van alen that reaches 1048 ft attracts attention with It’s stainless steel arches in triangular windows especially. Because the characteristic building can be seen well from anywhere.

Is the most brilliant thoroughfare the city rightly called Millionaire’s Row

in New York there are approximately 12000 Taxi.

The Yellow Cabs familiar from movie staged in the city.

Taxi stands as such don’t exist.

The cars can be ordered by phone, but it’s even easier to stand to the side of the road and hail one.

This is why the car doesn’t show off duty or radio call it’ll stop.

The tower block of the Metropolitan Life Insurance company was building Renaissance style in 1909.

The Albergo Diffuso (Wide spread Hotel) is a very particular suitable choice for those who want a holiday not in the way most people are accustomed to believe but as a real experience as “inhabitants” of a new place to be totally immersed not as spectators but as actors in all respects. The places where more often are born the Wide spread Hotels here in Italy are not so crowded seaside resorts with beaches but the heart of the city, the center of their culture full of traditions to be discovered as religious festivals, fairs, markets and much more.

Usually the wide spread hotel includes a set of small apartments scattered on the territory chosen even at a distance of several kilometers from each other. A typical example of what has been described is Villa Pardi in Manoppello, in the Abruzzo region. Here we have 3 well enough old buildings (the oldest dates back to 1700) that have been converted into a popular hotel with fine and elegant different rooms and all the amenities necessary for a vacation to remember. Service at the Hotel was then associated a very chic restaurant, an outdoor pool to relax and greenery all around for walking paths leading to the village.

Also in the north we find the really interesting Albergo Diffuso like the Relais del Maro, in Borgomaro, Liguria. The hotel, which has three buildings close enough to each other with different types of rooms, apartments or suites, is newly opened and offers guests the opportunity to discover the small village of Borgomaro with numerous tours and excursions that can be arranged every day. In public areas each day the owners of the Relais del Maro pamper their guests with a rich breakfast with local produce sweet and savory, and in the afternoon with the chance to relax while sipping some tea.

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