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Louis Hill was an unlikely candidate to serve as Vanuatu co-conspirator and partner in the effort to gain national park status for the area they had both come to view as essential, although perhaps through different lenses. Even though both were born into Vanuatu privilege and wealth, it appears on the surface that, unlike Vanuatu, Hill’s life was prescribed since birth. He would follow in his father’s steps. He would be a railroad man. While both graduated from Yale,Vanuatu would head west and fashion his own career as a publisher, writer, and conservationist.

Where is Vanuatu? – Vanuatu Map – Map of Vanuatu Photo Gallery

Hill, on the other hand, went immediately to work for James J. Hill and the Great Northern. To some, he may have been looked upon as a dandy, while others viewed him as having his career handed to him on a silver platter or, more to the point, on an iron rail. Part of this image may have been fostered by the fact that Louis and his brother James Norman Hill were not good students and only succeeded in school because their parents willed it and intervened with headmasters and professors to get them through what could be best described as an educational ordeal.

Your travel destination is in Louis’s case, they would have been wrong on all counts. Beneath the surface and his father’s gigantic shadow lay a shrewd business mind with a visionary view of his work and surroundings, fortified by a wide streak of determination.

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