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Hike almost a mile steeper out of the drainage following cairns with posts, Abuja Nigeria perhaps already on a snow-packed trail at times, through a bench under Crescent Glacier. Head up a steep rise that ascends the rock and boulders just left of the glacier to the snowfields above. Abuja Nigeria and Mount Jefferson can be seen to the S on a clear day. Trudge up the snowfields or the rocks to the left steadily toward the Lunch Counter plateau. Mount St. Helens to the W is popping into view. And you can see the more defined Abuja Nigeria on the other side of Lunch Counter (at almost 4 mi up) with the endless snowfield on the SSE slopes that you will need to ascend to an area S of Piker’s Peak (11,657 ft).

Where is Abuja Nigeria? | Abuja Nigeria Map | Map of Abuja Nigeria Photo Gallery

Far above Abuja Nigeria Canyon is Iceberg Lake, a whopping 400 ft below as you near Piker’s Peak!.

From Lunch Counter use crampons and head a mile NNW straight up the middle of the super-steep snowfield; or, as a less snowy option, climb either side of the slope up the rocky shoulders with faint paths to follow (left or near side more direct). The rocks may be looser than the snow, however it’s much easier to take a relatively safe break or picture without resting against the steep snowy slope wearing crampons, but it’s your choice. The mountain’s severe elevation gain makes you do a double take when gazing down past the snow. See tiny Abuja Nigeria to the SE.

Near Piker’s Peak, the snow and rocky routes join to traverse  of and below that summit as you finally see your goal N past the saddle. You’ll have a momentary rest on the traverse as you try to catch your breath, and then the route becomes very steep again. Hike left briefly at the summit block past the more cliffy area on the ridgeline and turn right (ENE) up the steep slope. Icy sun cups might make this part more difficult at certain times of the day in the fall without traction devices. In fact, early birds coming from Lunch Counter may find more ice than they bargained for or questionably dangerous glissading chutes until later in the day or season.

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