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So this morning probably got woken up around 5:30 by incredibly strong rain just like pounding on the pavement it made such a noise it was like boom boom other than the water on the ground right now you would never know it would rain time for breakfast here at the district after you. I’m a gentleman, and a scholar score, and get omelets, and crepes me back there the perks of a breakfast buffet quesadilla potatoes baked beans mango banana, and ham, and cheese plus all this is a behind the scenes look.

I just wanted someone from the pool. So he just removed someone from the pool which. I actually know how to do a lot of the stuff there’s just some little things.

Because he knows how to do the coloring that. I don’t need you know. I have a lot of editing to do this morning.

So at least the rain makes it acceptable to be inside when you’re in such a beautiful place with such a beautiful person me. So it’s fair to say. We’ve destroyed the place it was.

So nice, and clean when we got here, and our electronics clothing sprawled everywhere. We’ve been in this room for like two hours now because. I’m trying to finish an edit.

So I can get a blog up Abby is working on her posts, and yeah Abby. And I are very compatible. Because it’s difficult to travel someone who doesn’t have work to do Abby.

Travel to Boracay Photo Gallery

And I have endless amounts of editing, and photoshopping. I’m gonna do a test drone shot. And I’m feeling pretty lazy.

So I’m gonna do it from my balcony this is 101 what not to do with your drill there’s enough clearance between the balcony. So this guy has not stirred it up in a while fingers crossed there’s no issues here. But also guys.

I totally forgot this was in my bag probably the most exciting thing in my bag even though it won’t look like it is this you see this little thing here this is what reduces that noise when you hear the wind that annoying noise right there that you constantly hear because. I’m always by beaches, and Islands this will help reduce that noise, and this was actually sent to me by another youtuber by the name of Rachel David, and Rachel went to school with Abby. I’m gonna link her stuff down below she also does daily blogs, and all sorts of cool posts, and if you guys know who Matthew Santoro is she’s they’re like best friends.

So Canadian youtuber amazing person. I just had a crazy flight here inside the hotel room with wild know. I can’t connect the GPS.

So we’re gonna go walk down to the beach, and get some fly shots. I meant to say that okay so. We’ve got a side note are now we’re going to try, and fly Kristin’s drone.

And I’m like hoping it doesn’t crash. I remember once we’re out, and Christians friends drone crash like into a dam. And I had a bad feeling about it.

I was like Christian. I don’t get dealing with this, and then something happened, and now. I’m just like slightly concerned.

I think it just now makes me nervous whenever the drone is floating some scare some crash cause like a lot of money to lose. But these people still turn up Selma hat there it is hey there how’s the flight going oh that’s cool it’s going really well. But the GIMP is not working ok ready back down restart it yeah turn the wife that’s questionable well hoping the actress works.

Because there’s three oxys one stabilizes this way one stabilizes this way, and then there’s another one. I don’t know what it is. But one of the axes when.

I go right to left it wasn’t stabilizing it properly at the moment seems like it’s working at oh yeah should be good see these before the drone a little camera first flight was successful the gimbals working again, and my controller was like disconnecting a bit which was a bit scary. But it landed. I think.

I’m just too close to buildings, and bit of interference. So best. I didn’t take off from my deck.

I think we got some really nice shots. So I hooked up my GoPro to the go dome. And I’m just thinking now.

I should hook it up to the mouthpiece godo mouthpiece this could be revolutionary the go dome melter it is like 2:30 maybe 3, and we’re just leaving the room now breakfast. I added one of my favorite blogs really excited. But that one spend a lot of time Abby finish the post we had a nice breakfast.

I got the go dome set up we’re going to test this thing out, and see if we can’t come up with some cool pictures, and post well an expression see if we can we will don’t know. I’m blogging hey guys. So we’re getting harassed again.

But we’re going to. I think we’re going to eat, and then go lay in the Sun in some of these chairs let’s go start to go down right now oh wait. I thought yeah yes PA we’re gonna go get green you’ll get food first Oh warm do you say it’s like 335 35 degrees really hot.

But the nice change just gonna get some lunch getting a falafel thank you phew delicious everyone’s trying to tell us stuff, and this one guy he had a long list of questions he’s like you want parasailing no scuba diving no snorkeling no like banana diving no coconut affair with Masika an extra scoop extra scoop yes yeah pimp it out sir rating the sides of the coconut getting all the good innards oh yeah flop it up alright we were back at the district little strip of land we have dedicated to our hotel views views of orange umbrellas where it’s like relaxing on the beach, and they’ve got like this DJ starting up dude raid a time. I see this. I see my this who’s ready to rave no one Abby’s ready all right guys click update we’re just here, and the camera again.

So we just got back from hanging out at the beach. I left early to go to the pool Abby was in the Sun every meal, and right now we’re gonna get changed go watch the sunset. I want to shoot a time-lapse of the sense that we watched last night.

Because it’s honestly. So stunning, and it’ll be really cool with all the foot traffic going by massage in there at 6:30 so. We’ve got 45 minutes.

I’m Sasha time-lapse supplies check hello alright guys. I set up my camera on the side of this glass barrier shooting that sunset it’s gonna be unbelievable alright guys watch an amazing sunset. I ate some leftover chicken from the fridge no utensils.

So just using the chicken to scoop up the mashed potatoes like a spoon. And I ate it anyways now we’re going to the spa Abby. And I have a couples treatment it’s called the signature massage here at the district.

So I will. I don’t have the key diva key thank you lemongrass tea with coconut sugar yes we will thank you is it that was sighs oh that was amazing for the past 90 minutes. We’ve been getting massaged right there we selected one of the three oils here.

I think we both chose lavender one. I can fall asleep right now on it’s like it’s eight o’clock. So we were gonna go up tonight go explore the town a little bit that’s not happening.

I’m about to fall asleep, and the massage itself is sixteen hundred pesos roughly give or take, and in translation that’s like 50 US dollars for a 90-minute massage. I mean that’s so cheap especially that wood.

Because I bought a few massage places that would be like a hunt like 150 $200 massage yeah. So it’s been such a nice hotel that’s very good rate yeah after a tough day at the spa let’s get some room service cruise Oh hi there is this cruise owes the restaurant you kept this impression extremely well it’s worse hi there could I order a large margherita pizza just a Netflix, and pizza kind of night. And I’m okay this after pizza later.

And I could fall asleep right at this moment have a good night guys, and let’s get lost skin tomorrow hey big butt Oh.

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