Hey guys day five in Dumaguete walking back to our room to go get sun protection. So we’re let’s go scuba diving you’ve ever put on a wetsuit you also know it’s like a hot suit it makes you sweat.

So much. Because there’s like basically complete insulation there’s no breathing right now. I’m walking across the resort in like 35 degree weather again hi doing our first dive of the day.

I’m gonna look for some sea turtles some slugs apparently this lot of slugs here some tuna what else was there Marquita Brno – hey fishies got a funky ass jack fish made by sharks great white sharks yeah. I got reading for those ones, I’ll see what we got, and we have the underwater camera. So hopefully.

I get some good footage down there you actually want to put soap inside of your goggles that helps prevent them from fogging up when you go underwater sometimes when you go further down the guards will start to get all blurry from. I guess moisture getting in, and in order to clear the goggles you actually have to use your respirator you exhale enough air that it pushes all the water out, and then you put your goggles back on. But it’s not very fun process.

So best to use some soap, and hope that it never fogs up our dive time for today is either one hour or before our oxygen runs out wetsuit Jack booties check if you call these flippers you’ll make dive masters angry they’re cold fins fins are the cold fence yeah. I call them flippers, and also if you call this a goggle they’ll also get angry that’s for swimming these are masks. I am by no means a dive master.

But this is probably my tenth dive. I’m very much a noob at my PC Dione. I’m ready to go they are just miscommunication.

I’m in judicata focusing on everything except is communication. I let you take the lead we are not you know that bag we are not in Kansas. But you mood.


I beg you tell me what aasif agamas you gotta shine we had an incredible first dive we saw a sea turtle a sea snake we saw all sorts of snails we’re down there for about an hour, and we’re gonna do one more dive today might do a half done just cuz my ears are starting to get a bit more sensitive. Because of the pressure, and yeah this is life here at atmosphere resort riding to sleep it’s actually really tiring after being down there for. So long.

I don’t know if like the oxygen in the tank or whatever. But like after a scuba dive you get really tired. I don’t imagine how people do four in a day my favorite part of the last dive was definitely the wrong face cuz it gave you perspective of just how big the ocean is, and how small you are.

I mean it was just like all of a sudden you got to this lip, and you’re probably like well you’re already like seven meters underwater, and then you just see the water like it just drops further than you can even see time for dive number two in a location that’s literally like 50 feet away from the last dive number two not as good as the first time. But a really good dive we saw a massive sea snake, and these things are actually extremely poisonous. But unless you let go, and grab it it won’t bite you when we were in El Nido last time they told us if we got bit by a sea snake they would literally have to get a helicopter to take you to Manila it’s like.

So so venomous. But no bites, and we saw a couple more sea turtles we’re heading back to the resort going to edit going to relax yeah yeah. I was waiting for than.

I expected all right we’re back at the resort look at the clouds back there. So our underwater dive camera had like the world’s shittiest memory card put inside of it, and you know how there’s like that little knob on the side it’s like a protect or right. So you can actually have it set.

So that there’s no writing on the card. And So that it’s open for writing anyways that’s which things fell out of the memory card. And I think it’s in the lock position.

So we might not even be able to get those files if you saw the files then we obviously figured it out. But life lesson of the day memory cards are not things you cheap out on ever just spent the last hour filming people on the resort. And So I’m actually creating a post called smile.

And So smile is exactly as it sounds it’s a post of the employees of atmosphere smiling, and that’s one of the things they pride themselves on is like exceptional service. And I mean. I’ve seen it firsthand but.

I’m creating the post that’s going to show people on Facebook my blog wherever they come across the atmosphere post that atmosphere is a place where you will receive a smile with every interaction with the employees, and my gh4 is just killing it every shot. I take with my gh4 it just pulls out so much personality.

So much emotion. So it’s going to turn out really well, I’ll give you guys the link to check it out when it’s all said, and done, and tomorrow is actually Ronnie’s last full day here in Dumaguete after that he’s going to Korea which is unfortunate. Because if you guys remember when we arrived in Bangkok he actually only bought his entry ticket into the Philippines.

And So he had to buy his exit ticket right on spot, and he didn’t have time to make plans. So he bought his to Korea he’s now realizing he’d love to have another week in the Philippines. But he’s already paid for a ticket.

So it wouldn’t make sense, and for me. I’ve got two more days of dumaguete, and then. I’m going to meet Abby in Manila happy hour all right we just got ready Ryan.

And I are heading out we’re going to be hanging out with the atmosphere staff tonight we’re going to go to Zuma Getty the city we were in on Wednesday, and we’re gonna go out get some dinner have some drinks, and that’s the game plan just drinking rum outside of a gas station this is the life we’re at a gas station will recount, and Ronnie i’ma tell y’all go on gas station with alcohol next stop hi hiya face ooh why not dame on yeah yeah. So tonight’s a full moon. But it’s like way behind all these boxes there we have arrived at hi hi one of the big bars in Dumaguete, and their beer pong me in their Rica you guys come to dumaguete come to heii actually really good time, and this fear here is 50 pesos my minima that big okay do it again again yeah yeah let’s go back to my son kids across the.

So lower we had a bit of an interesting night last night right last night. I was about to lay down in the bed, and all of a sudden. I see a little bug by my head, and guys.

I have traveled enough to have dealt with bedbugs like three times now, and if you’ve ever gotten bitten by bedbugs you’ll know how much it sucks like your entire body has these horrible anyways. I was freaking out. I took the water bottle that was empty.

And I shoved this little bug in there. And So Abby. And I went on to Google we started we proceeded to search what do bedbugs look like.

And So we had the cell phone flashlight flashing on it like taking a look doing like a biopsis, and then. I’m like what if it’s a tick when we search tick we realized that ticks have eight legs they’re like arachnids. And So this bug had eight legs, and now.

We’ve got a tick in a water bottle right beside her bed, and we haven’t really named him yet. But we also had a millipede his name was Marty, and we had a little gecko come in last night tell school hey who’s this is our last night at this place it’s been all right. But we need Wi-Fi also.

I got electrocuted last night. So last night was really interesting again some breakfast roosters are calling you woke up to the Roosters yeah yeah we did we wake up to them at 5:00 a.m.

That’s when they start you know doing their thing. So oh yeah better. So annoying yeah day number two Nusa Penida morning matter herewith, and noosa penita travelers are showing us around this is the rig morning guys Oh morning Hey oh right over there you’ll see like all these little quadrants that’s a seaweed farm, and there’s people out there picking it business is booming we made it all right this is amazing.

I did not expect this take according to say we have arrived at a thousand island what the guys arrive at least cold outside level. So yeah just an hour to have to get here just like yesterday some wine made tons of potholes you get to this place, and all worth is timing oh yeah whoa that’s crazy this is gorgeous it’s so cool.

Because there’s like no tourists here. I’m actually gotten attitude when I’m using a music it’s like cam XR Pro if you’re curious the thing that gets me up in the morning time to fly the Mavic.

I’ve had it two days now blown it twice, and it is like this is the future of drones. I mean GoPro also has a very awesome drone. I can’t wait to get my hands on that one, and give you guys kind of like a comparison the flexibility of being able to stow this away, and take up almost no space it’s just incredible.

I’m going to set up my drone give me a second here alright we’re good to go in the hey long here you made it down yeah. I like the rock over here man you have not seen anything wait we come over here down next man oh oh you’re gonna find the Mavic jealous you guys there is a bit of a breeze coming through here. So I’m not sure how great the audio is going to be but.

I just wanted to take a second to show you how grand this place is there’s this beautiful Horseshoe Bend, and it’s just like a sudden drop-off on the cliff like it’s not even gradual it’s just like a dead drop what the heck how is this real sweating buckets but I don’t even notice the sweat alright just gonna hike a little tiny bit further oh just constantly chasing the views here, and now. I didn’t mean my blog views.

I meant literal beautiful mother nature views we’re gonna go check out right here the tree fort what a surprise we kind of exploring with Jodi up in the abandoned 3 foot oh wow it truly is far as giving me hex. I tried to kiss her with my facing no sweaty son girlfriend the one woman who never lets me down mother nature did you like that transition everything here is like a perfect masterpiece like. I couldn’t think of a better thing to add here like what more could you ask for in this scene maybe a rainbow if you guys are new to my blog like this here is what.

I see my blog is being about like it’s about finding those hidden gems those beautiful places that few people have seen, and giving people an opportunity to experience them for my blog or maybe even giving them kind of tips, and tricks to get here themselves. Because I want everyone to be able to experience this this here is what. I think traveling is all about days like these receipt the world’s most beautiful things hanging out with good company wouldn’t rather be anywhere else this is your next rig Maddie let’s see it Oh back up we go.

I was not looking forward to this finish strong. I’m dying. So tired that was a hike the storms are coming alright guys.

So we’re still in the same area we’re still in 1,000 Islands area. But we’re going down a different trail taking us to a beach area where we can apparently swim we’re turning back everyone wanted to go except for Sawyer he started alright if. I was insane.

I my eyes dried up. So quick get you’re the one with sweat driving Daniel Oh crying. I wasn’t.

I wanted to go down there. I said like. I was going to like take a picture for my mother it was on her bucket list is one of her biggest dreams she’s gonna cry don’t ever get that dream oh my gosh detail we’re turning back.

Because it is. So hot. And So much equipment, and it’s 30 minutes to get down we’re not down for that life wanna be driven can the car – can the car go down there is inflation.

But suppose they had possible where’s the photo. I don’t like the word impossible there’s our dune buggy. I don’t remember the last time.

I sweat like this my white shirt is like basically it’s like. I went swimming in it. I dig it – good luck most probable outcomes of Cody’s dilemma attacked, and killed by a monkey off the mountain fell off the cliff fell off he might try to go he’s been missing for like 20 minutes now we really don’t know Josh is missing – okay.

So if like they go missing totally can. I take their blogs yeah all right. So I’ve gone looking for Cody, and Josh.

So far haven’t found them. But still been a success. Because I found Bessie whoa now cheers couldn’t charge me oh oh.

I was in the bathroom. I called it 24 hours into Indonesia. I have a parasite, and this is the end of our tour with ma day by day thank you.

So much for showing us around such a beautiful island if you guys are coming to Nusa Penida check out, and that’s worse tonight for those right. So Nusa Penida discovery new subpoena travelers to amazing tour companies that will show you around this beautiful place check it out, and cut Wow an amazing sunset. I got the drone up to see a little bit of it.

But just phenomenal Oh was not expecting that. I just heard a drone go by. And I was flying mine just a second ago.

But that one was not mine this is where we’re staying tonight guys. So it’s called mymy Beach, and bar, and it’s actually like right near the port. So when you’re coming to Nusa Penida check this place out blue it’s reggae themed the bars back there, and our rooms are right here today was a bit of a shorter day.

But definitely no complaints on that end. Because we were. So busy yesterday we did.

So much shooting it spent a lot of time in the Sun. And So this is like a much-needed short-day kind of nice to be back already that’s cool. I just went, and flew the drone on the water without you.

I’ve never flown my journey somewhere we’re like local kids yeah. I’ve not seen them before, and like all of a sudden like eight kids are around me, and then 10, and then 12, and then 15, and then all of a sudden. I went over the middle of the island, and look straight down they freak out they’re like my home oh that’s.

So cool did you get that on film yeah go fix it. But when we get shot there’s socks up there’s no way the locals have let us join in on their volleyball game luckily they have Sawyer. So we have a good chance.

So a motorbike just went by two kids on the back the driver, and two kids in front of him that was five people on one scooter the record. I’ve seen is six the sky here is beautiful the temperatures beautiful this is my favorite time of the day when I’m in Southeast Asia.

Because it gets really hot during the day. But you’ve got the most magical sunsets this is why. I travel days like these put the ball on the tree.

I hit the ball in it in the chin put it in the truth. I don’t know we are signing off it’s the end of the blog it’s been a great day check out all of these fellow youtubers amazing posts from today, and a chance, and she wants to be checked out Lauren alright guys have a good night let’s get lost again tomorrow hey guys. I want to leave the post on one last note.

I want to thank everyone who watches the posts. And I want to really thank those who leave the thumbs up who comment, and engage with the content those are the people who allow me to keep doing what. I’m doing.

And I thank every single one of you guys. I wanted to give an even bigger thank you to my patrons the people who actually financially make this possible for Lauren ID to travel you guys are the foundations of what we’re doing however you support this blog thank you to you. Because you’re the one who allows us to keep exploring keep sharing the world with other people across my blog see you tomorrow umm we like what Oh.

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