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Fort Myers is an ideal tropical destination with its white sand beaches and low-cost vacation expenses. It offers a number of natural sceneries including long sand bars, wide shores, and romantic sunsets. Other than that, its beaches are known to be the safest and most secure among all other beaches in Florida. Getting there and checking in entail only minimal costs. Food and transportation are also availed at reasonable prices. Fort Myers will offer so many surprises to groups of families and friends during their stay. But before starting the journey, here are a few travel guides to consider:


Air and ferryboat transportation are always available for anyone who wants to travel to Fort Myers. When traveling via airplane, Southwest Florida International Airport serves as the gateway to the entire Fort Myers and Sanibel area. For the taxi expense, it costs about $35 for a maximum of 3 passengers. For more convenience, car rental services are readily available within the airport.


When it comes to deciding the type of hotel and resort to stay in, there is a variety of choices. One can choose hotels with a cozy set-up and romantic sunset views if he is with a significant other. There are also family-friendly hotels that would offer activities for children, teens, and even for the parents. These hotels have water parks, playrooms, movie houses, and art rooms for the little kids. They also offer grilling stations, kayaks for rent, spa treatment, and parasailing to help families achieve that ultimate get-away. To enjoy an optimal family experience, here are the name of the hotels and resorts to choose from: Hyatt Regency Coconut Point, Pink Shell Beach Resort & Spa, and Casa Ybel.


The main reason why tourists fly all the way to Florida is because of the white, sugary-sand beaches of Fort Myers. Not only are these beaches the perfect destination for sun tans and outdoor activities, but they are also perfect for quiet strolls and romantic endeavors. These beaches offer the total package. They provide its tourists and guests opportunities to fish, bike on parks, watch dolphins, catch live shells, and go surfing. Fort Myers top 10 beaches that guests are encouraged to visit are as follows: Causeway Island, Captiva Beach, Tarpon Bay Beach, Lighthouse Beach Park, Bowditch Point Park, Cayo Costa State Park, Bowman’s Beach, Lyn Hall Memorial Park, Barefoot Beach Preserve, and Lovers Key State Park.


Even if these beaches are known to be the safest, one should still take precautions. When dealing with ATM cards and money, it is best to withdraw cash in broad daylight and to never expose heaps of cash in public. When it comes to your hotel room, it is a must to always keep it locked. Also, carry all the necessary things needed when traveling. This includes money, jewelry, gadgets, and other valuables. If it is a family vacation, have the children informed of the nearest place to go when they get lost. They can also be given the hotel name, location, and contact number for them to be located easily.

Going to beaches, especially in Fort Myers, is definitely an exciting experience. But before getting into any vacation, one should always equip himself with the knowledge on how to get to his desired location and how he will spend his stay there. Other important matters such as passports, visas, and budget should also be considered. If all these things are set, then there is nothing left to do but to enjoy the vacation to the fullest.

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