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Quito with different types of buildings, Guayaquil, Cuenca with a large collection of churches, Santa Cruz Island with a great research station are some attractive locations for those who Travel to Ecuador. When you are willing to visit to Ecuador then make sure that the peace conditions for travelers are normal. In many cases the conditions of peace are not safe and visitors suffer with problems. When the conditions are normal then you can make plans to visit to Ecuador or any other place.

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There are many types of markets in Ecuador which are filled with different types of things. You can check these markets in order to find desired things. Many things are related with culture of Ecuador and visitors like to have them so that they can keep such things as a memory when they Travel to Ecuador. You can find a large collection of such things in the markets.

There are different types of shops in Ecuador which are providing things of routine use. You can see things which you may have used before and many things which you have not used before. Different companies are making these things of routine use and giving them different names to have some unique appearance.

Different types of things are also imported from other countries to make sure that local community can get the desired things when needed. Visitors like to check the markets of Ecuador so that they can check things and get them, and store them to be used, or as a memory for future when they Travel to Ecuador.

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