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Searching for Iranian films that you can surely appreciate and love? Iranian films may be different from other films available in different parts of the globe. The approach to each film is always different and it will always showcase the rich culture of Iran in each film.

Trying to narrow down the search for the best films to watch is a hard task to do simply because there are so many that can be considered classics and can be appreciated even by foreigners from different parts of the globe. Without further ado, here are some films you are recommended to watch:

1. Bashu, The Little Stranger, 1986

While this was filmed in the 80’s, this film has managed to get the attention of a lot of people because of its heartfelt story. The use of northern dialects was considered to be unusual at that time but has managed to improve the film overall.

Aside from people’s obvious devotion of the film, even professionals have seen the film’s potential. It was concluded in the year 1999 that it has a spot in one of the best films of Iran as it was voted as the well-loved Iranian film of all time.

2. The Deer, 1974

This film made a few decades ago is still watched at present time. This film tells a story about a man who is addicted to opium who tries to live a normal life. While it seems to be a perfect film that can tell how a person can truly change, this story has a bad ending. It was so tragic that it was considered to be unfit for viewing at that time.

One more reason why this is a highly popular film is because of the scandal that has been connected to this. There were about 500 people who were watching the film in a theatre and the theatre caught fire. It killed all the people who were watching at that time.

3. The Day I Became a Woman, 2000

Let us fast forward to the year 2000 when this film was released. This film is about three Iranian women with all of their different stories. This film has managed to catch the lives that Iranian women live which makes it one of the films that should be watched.

It has managed to become so popular that it even won some awards at different parts of the globe. It was the darling of film festivals that were held at that time. This is truly one of the Iranian films of the year 2000 worth watching.

If you are interested in watching these movies, you better watch Iranian movies at Imvbox. There is a big chance that you will find any of the three films mentioned above. A lot of the Iranian movies that can be watched online are always worthwhile.

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