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Golf is one of the oldest sports in the world. It was invented sometime in the 14th or 15th century on the island of Great Britain. That’s why so many golf courses seem to mimic the rolling fields and low wetlands of England and Scotland. However, the ancient Romans used to play a game with a stuffed leather ball that closely resembles golf. Golf, or some sport like golf, is incredibly old. That’s because it appeals to a very core desire of people and has a timeless quality. People all over the world still love to go golfing. The President golfs with members of Congress, and you golf with your buddies. It’s a sport that can be played by anyone.

It’s also a sport that encourages traveling. Some of the most gorgeous and exciting golf courses are outside the US. Golf is a great activity while you’re on vacation somewhere. Whether you’re planning a golfing vacation, or planning a vacation and want to know about golf, you should look into Thailand.

Golfing in Thailand

Almost every golfing magazine or expert will tell you that Thailand is one of the best places in the world to go golfing. The weather in Thailand is very moderate to tropical. It’s very warm in the summer and mild in the winter. While it does rain fairly frequently, the rain usually passes fairly quickly. The frequent rain and warm temperatures also lend themselves to creating very lush grass. Thailand golf courses are known around the world for having some of the nicest grass of any golf courses.

Thailand itself is a wonderful place to go golfing because of the designers. Southeast Asia has been an exploding market ever since the push into the region during the 1980s. Real estate in Thailand is affordable and abundant. That means developers were able to recruit some of the finest designers of golf courses. Golf courses, much like buildings or works of art, are created by artisans. A great golf course is born in someone’s mind before it ever becomes a reality. The golf courses at the resorts were designed by some of the greatest designers who have ever thought up courses.

Other Activities

Golfing is not the only thing you can do in Thailand. If you’re taking your family or friends who don’t want to play golf, you should look into the other things there are to do. Food is a huge part of Thai culture and really influences the way people spend their vacations. You’ve probably had Thai food in the US, but it doesn’t compare to the food actually in Thailand.

The differences are mostly in the ingredients. If you are eating Thai food in the US, you are either eating food that is made with ingredients more readily available in the US, or it’s made with ingredients shipped all the way from Thailand. While it probably tastes great, that long shipping time means the food is not as fresh as it could be. If you’re eating in Thailand, it will be the freshest Thai food you’ve ever had.

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