Just chilling with the bay look at her hard at work building up the blog got to keep the fans entertained a lot of responsibility but someone’s got to carry it then there’s me really letting the fans down right now guys, I’m sorry, I’m not editing but.

I swear soon as. I get back. I will, we’re off to go rent some scooters are you gonna get your owner we getting this one okay you can see why people come here, it’s just constantly like 24/7 beautiful weather – the monsoon season but even then, it’s beautiful after the storm leaves for $5.

00 we rented this bike to the next three hours. And yeah. So we took it here, we’re following this little path to who knows where.

And we found this amazing restaurant with the most beautiful view ya know upstairs ah now I’ll avoid that thing. So Abby. And I have our own private restaurant with an amazing view.

I think the GoPro can focus in but, it’s a bit hazy in the distance but you can see there’s like all the other islands. And yeah, we’re probably gonna get a four dollar hamburger with a 200 dollar view yeah Bryson’s view priceless man okay place yeah it is very hot oh okay just write me into the thing for you what time is done anyways, it’s fairly isn’t it, it’s not even 12 yet thank you. And, we’re now self on the island.

And you got some chips few drinks little water cuz it’s so hot out, it’s got to be at least 35 degrees. I don’t know but day three for Abby, it’s going to be a good one this is Abby’s first time riding a bike okay hold the break.

And then press this that’s that’s the ignition yeah hold both sides there you go. And now the only thing you need to know is those two things are brakes like a bike no it will only go unless you turn that that’s guess that’s what you need to know gas. And Briggs past.

And then you’ve got a favorite there goes Abby it was nice knowing her oh gosh she what’s the stop now bad are you confident up to have it on the back, I’m gonna get off now okay how do. I put the kickstand down how do you do it easy but that’s not a kickstand that’s not what’s this that’s a kickstart kickstand is fellow you’re by your heel yep no no that’s that’s the back pedal there you go holy cannoli that was invigorating guys please no spitting in the pool you guys you’ve been warned this is your third warning okay, I’m gonna have to ask you to leave hey buddy you knock it off. I told you, it’s actually really bad idea, I’m I’ll tell you right at the battery you know it definitely is a bad idea Christian no crochets actually in break trust me, it’s you know Christian Christian this is about it you know.

I know, I’m not proud of you know because oh my god that guy’s, I’m going down run run. I’ve got a great thing here you.

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