Top 10 Bucket List Attractions

top 10 bucket list attractions 9

We’re running through unique human constructed landmarks and natural wonders around the world that you simply have to prioritize. According to a Lonely Planet survey of experts, we’ll have more bucket list videos to come.

10 Iso Fea Turkey

top 10 bucket list attractions

Few other attractions on the planet can rival the rich history and dazzling beauty of Istanbul. This church turned imperial mosque turned museum is widely regarded as the pinnacle of Byzantine architecture. With nearly 1500 years of history, the structure tells the story of Empires, conquest and rebellions, bearing the distinct influences and imprints of its different owners, like a tapestry made of brick, mortar and masonry. Amazingly, debates over the true purpose of this. Unmissable landmarks are alive to this day as there’s political discussion over whether the ISO FIA might be reverted back into a mosque.

9 Alumbra, Spain

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Speaking of triumphs or culture and architecture, even a dozen visits to the ALUMBRA wouldn’t afford you enough time to take in all the intricacies of its beauty. Located in the city of Granada, the structure is both a palace and fortress, dominating the skyline like the ISO FIA, this space has evolved under different errors of cultural rule throughout its history. And bears the hallmarks and scars of both Christian and Moorish leaders, regarded as the last and perhaps greatest triumph of the Middle Ages. The Alambre is the embodiment of Islamic mathematical and cultural sophistication. During Europe’s dark age

8 Iguassu Falls, Brazil, Argentina And Paraguay

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In an age of Instagram filters and Photoshop magic, there are only a few places on Earth that still seem too good to be true with it’s Missy rainbows and breathtaking height. If anything, the Iguazu falls are. Only undersold by their name, which roughly translates as the deceptively modest big water, the waterfalls are accessible via boardwalks, allowing adventurous visitors to get thrillingly close to the majestic power of the waters. The falls of the crowning jewel of a 55,000 hectare National Park, where you experience a real subtropical rainforest brimming with wildlife, including two can see howler monkeys, and even Jaguars.

7 Colosseum, Rome, Arguably The Greatest Example Of Roman Engineering

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The Colosseum is an almost incomprehensibly impressive feat of architectural brilliance from a pre industrial age constructed at the peak of the empire. Nowhere else will give you a more visceral sense of history walking through the floors and around the arena. You can almost hear the roar of the crowd, whereas citizens were treated to gladiatorial battles, and the mass slaughter of wild animals imported from every corner of the empire. Yes, it may all be a bit grisly, but we’re sure you’ll give it the emperors thumbs up even if architecture is not really your thing. The Coliseum needs to be on your bucket list.

6, Grand Canyon, Az Prepared To Stare, Sometimes Called Nature’s Cathedral

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The Grand Canyon will humble even the most seasoned travelers and with good reason in order to fathom this scale depth and 2 billion year history of this geological wonder, you’ll want to allow enough time to explore all the vistas and soak in nature at its grandest scale from it’s thundering Colorado River to its rolling seas of fog, Grand Canyon National Park is worthy of. All the hyperbolic language it inspires you won’t leave you unmoved. It truly is like no other destination on the planet.

5 Taj Mahal İndia

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Here is one for the Romantics described as poetry and stone. The Taj Mahal is renowned for its intricate beauty and unrivaled symmetry. This grand mausoleum for a moogle Emperor’s beloved wife began construction in 1632 involving many thousands of workers and reputedly 1000 elephants with. Surfaces inscribed with calligraphic verse, hand carved masonry and inlaid precious gemstones. This is a structure like no other in the world. Probably the most recognized symbol of India, Agra’s Taj Mahal is a stunning testament to science, craftsmanship, culture and enduring love.

4 Great Wall Of China

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Sure, it may be a myth that you can see this astonishing landmark with the naked eye from space, but the view is much better down here. Anyway, It’s the largest human created structure on. Earth and from a single spot on the wall it can feel seemingly infinite as long as the story of the nation itself stretches from the Yellow Sea to the edge of the Gobi desert. The wall is a triumph of human effort and persistence. Granted, many many lives were lost during its construction, and it eventually failed to adequately defend against rebelling Northern tribes, but that doesn’t detract from its grander and powerful sense of history.

3 Machu Picchu Peru

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The greatest mystery on our list, Machu Picchu was only reintroduced to the Western world just over a century ago. But has fascinated us ever since. Historians and archaeologists are still actively debating the purpose and function of the site and its incredible structures set at a literally dizzying altitude. The site affords stunning panoramic cloud top views populated by jagged peaks and lush vegetation. Visitors will be simply blown away by both the natural beauty of the setting and the citadel, but also the scope of the ink in sophisticated agricultural and irrigation systems.

2 Great Barrier Reef Australia

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visiting no other destination on your bucket list should be more urgent than this. 133,000 square mile stretch of stunning natural beauty and complexity. The largest living structure on the planet, the reef is home to some 1500 species of fish and 30 kinds of whales, dolphins and porpoises. But this vibrant, beautiful ecosystem is dying off under serious existential threat from rising sea temperatures and human pollution. Pop on a snorkel and flippers and stick your head underwater and you’ll experience a kaleidoscopic array of colors and shapes. A mosaic of nature at its most vibrant, it is truly a living treasure that must be protected at all costs.

1 Temples of Angkor, Cambodia

top 10 bucket list attractions 9

The complex temples of Angkor is clearly regarded by travel experts and tourists generally as the world’s most spectacular archaeological site with a jaw dropping abundance of riches, this UNESCO World Heritage Site consists of hundreds of buildings, some overgrown others in near pristine condition. The famed temple of Angkor Wat alone. Could well deserve a place in this list, but as a collection of stunning structures, you’re simply spoiled for choice by this literal representation of heaven on earth, in a country that has survived so much recent pain and heartache, the temples are a symbol of pride for the nation of Cambodia, where locals are well known for their warmth and generous spirit. Despite the perils of over tourism, this has to sit at the top of your bucket list.

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