All right. So we’re just about to board the long Cariah ferry which is going to take us about an hour, and forty-five to get the hotel maybe a little bit less, and we’re meeting lost people all right there is Conine Yuen.

And I’ve never seen the boat stop here before. I think that’s a new thing maybe. Because they’re starting to build Resort, and develop the island a little bit they stop there.

But hotels like literally five minutes behind us. So I don’t understand why they would just stop at one of them. But yes we are five minutes away, and we will be in one of my favorite island you have finally arrived honestly getting here is not easy as confusing it takes a long time even if you’re flying it’s still a hassle to get here.

But we made it, and this is one of my favourite islands always awesome we met probably about like five or ten people that’s a big discrepancy when we had a lot of people on the boat who actually have seen the post. So that’s always a cool thing now we’re heading to our hotel which we booked last night on a go telescope it’s good holy homes mister eyes at our hotel. I found it still feels like forty-three Canadian dollars well there it is right there that looks really cool.

I’m excited Christian LaBeouf alright what is up guys were just leaving the room here. And We’ve done. So many things like.

We’ve literally done all the things like every single thing that. We’ve done anything watched a couple episodes of the office. And I’m feeling refreshed.


Because last night we slept for hours. So that brings it up to almost a full night’s rest we’re good to go alright for the next two potentially three days this here is the rod for 255 a day yeah scooter what are we going to name it get me there safe okay what. I’m thinking yeah we got pulled over by the police like there was a big roadblock, and they were pulling over everyone.

I thought we were going to get ticketed. Because we can have our helmets on, and like nose around upon not to worry helmet pulls over he’s like do you have helmets, and like yeah they’re under the seat. So I get them out put them on he’s like safety first, and then he just smiles, and put the thumbs up, and we drove off we’re just at the arena.

Because tonight. I’ve got a big fight with, I’ll introduce you to the opponent just a sec run a fight from you yeah. So right now we’re at la pizzeria which is actually a place that someone tweeted me to check out.

So guys if you ever have cool recommendation Twitter is a good way to get out me we’re back with Josh, and Tess what’s up guys – blog, I’ll Thailand in. So far hagas yeah code house definitely the nicest place. I think.

We’ve been. So far okay maybe like Scotty nice little towels of water you got fit my fish today where there’s money to be made the Thai people will try to make money, and in this case they’re monitoring this road. And I was like what why would.

I possibly pay fifty bought a purse to come down here. But then. I saw their sign, and now it makes sense you’re paying for road repairs which by the way the roads look great show them there those are the road repairs looking good you’re also paying for cleaning.

I guess they missed a few spots. But I’d say in the parking the parking is included which is great. Because I got a parking a this somewhere not to worry guys it’s for the road repairs.

I mean I paid 50 baht. I would hope.

I get to orally take to the beach. But have you guys seen more founder all right deep in the jungle of Thailand for about ten minutes up the road in Koh Tao you walk probably about 20 minutes of top, and the view point makes it all worth it it’s incredibly beautiful this is one of the little hidden gems. I found in Koh Tao.

And I was here last. I mean it’s not like hidden hidden gem. But John Swan lookout point thank you John.

So he’s been in front of the fans like ah he’s not even three steps into the look up quick it sucks sliding down the hill got my foot open a bit. So it has like three massive cuts on it now. I’m not going to be a foot model.

But that’s that’s fine that ship has long sails look at that right there guys just such beautiful water surrounding this island, and great nightlife some good restaurants as we saw at the pizza place, and quite a bit to do here especially if you want to get your pati go diving this is the place to do it when I last checked it was the second cheapest place in the world to get your patty just behind Honduras, and nobody goes to Honduran. I made that dressing all right.

So we have just about made it to the top this is the last little step we got to get ourselves up this like rope ladder as. I recall that you’re completing yeah it’s bleeding almost there we made it yeah. I just talked with Josh for probably about the past 2-3 minutes, and it wasn’t recording your recording, and then

I just hear my camera turn off. I’m like s s mhm anyways this is Josh he’s got like 10 days worth of tile, and blogs on his blog. Because they’ve gone through Chiangmai they went through Phuket yeah you guys need to check it out link down below, and Josh you actually have a totally other separate blog yeah.

I’ve been doing that now for a same amount of time as my blog Channel really. I’m just trying to focus more on my travel posts. I don’t know your blog’s inspiration for.

I think everybody trying to make travel posts. So I paid him to say that. I actually posttaped this a few years ago.

I love this shot right here just the path the definition of like getting lost this is one of their local sports is basically like volleyball they use their head they use their feet look at that flexibility crazy. I can’t even touch my dogs oh my gosh it’s definitely one right there oh my gosh you just flew away. So that is the culprit that makes that horrible noise right there during certain seasons that gets even louder than this how is it it’s not that refreshing pretty warm actually kind of a funny story as to how.

I know Josh. So before. I knew Josh.

I knew his ex-girlfriend Sierra, and Sierra. And I had classes together we went to high school together we graduated together we’re even in the same limo going to prom together, and that’s how I first met Josh was when she brought him to prom Sierra was the first person.

I had ever heard of in my entire life that was able to earn income through making posts on my blog. I didn’t think that was like a thing. I didn’t realize there was the possibility of making that into a living, and it shocked me it’s crazy to think that Here.

I am probably five years after she started making her first post that. I’m doing a similar thing. I’m putting posts out on the internet.

And I’m able to earn an income doing that that blows my mind josh has also been very successful now on my blog he’s got like something like 700,000 subscribers on his main blog, and he found his Nishi sound his audience, and he makes awesome posts for that just. So cool to think that here we are a few kids that made some posts, and turn their dreams into realities, and this is also another topic that. I’ve wanted to talk about a while ago.

I just haven’t found the natural fit into a blog. And I think that you guys enjoy hearing a bit of the behind-the-scenes the not. So glamorous side of my blog, and you know the internal workings of being a youtuber.

Because it’s not all fun, and games there are challenges that are constantly thrown at us. I like to see my blog as a tightrope you’ve got. So many things you’re trying to bounce you’re trying to balance earning an income trying to balance keeping your audience happy which could be very difficult by the way it doesn’t take much to sometimes annoy people in your audience, and it’s hard not to take that to heart another thing you’re trying balance is your personal life, and that’s probably the most important thing, and something that can sometimes get neglected it’s very challenging especially as the daily blogger keep everything in check, and it’s constantly a battle now with that tight rope which is difficult enough to navigate to stay balanced you have my blog that likes to throw curve balls at you.

I look at it literally as my blog occasionally throwing obstacles right in your way it sucks. Because even in the past month now. I have seen two very noticeable changes in the algorithm where views will just plummet like.

I’m talking 50% of the average post viewership, and it’s really hard not to take that to heart. Because every time. I put a post out.

I gauge how successful was that post based on likes based on views, and a few other metrics like comments, and it’s challenging when an algorithm comes into place, and there’s no real personal element. But it’s like boom based on what time you post it or the amount you post in that week something significant just clicked, and it’s changed, and that’s really really frustrating. But that’s also what leads me to be.

So thankful for those of you who do support every post. I put out those who tune in every time those who leave the thumbs up you keep me encouraged to push through, and things they’re challenging honestly Abby. And I are so thankful for you guys team get lost the people who who do support us through Kansan it comes with challenges. So does any job, and we’re always trying to work through it. And So thankful to be here.

And So so thankful for you guys let’s get out of the pool before we get like. I don’t know dengue fever or malaria or something anything that oh love you so much then I’m proud of you thank you you can hear a frog this here is Kyrie Beach it’s the go-to place at night you come down here you’ll see fire dances fire shows from like end to end on this Beach lots of these like really chilled out style restaurants where you sit in these little recliner couches they look a lot nicer than they are you sit down it’s like super uncomfortable. But the idea is nice you’re right by the water which is always awesome yeah Oh Oh you got next game myself oh yeah Oh Hey look aside if you lie alright let it begin this is a Taipan gig it’s an essential it looks like macaroni whoa oh my gosh that’s real this is ninja literally every now, and then a customer takes one to the guy back okay keep all of it.

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