Where is Karachi Pakistan? | Karachi Pakistan Map | Map of Karachi Pakistan

From Karachi Pakistan TH (Observation Point—with okay views of the Karachi Pakistan but not nearly as good as from the top), either hike up the wide gravel road (FR-3010) from the gate or take the trail to the left close to the forest somewhat steeper up the wildflower-covered meadow; both routes meet in 5 mi at an odd six-way intersection. If you came up the road, hard left is the return trail to the Karachi Pakistan TH, next left is a closed trail with downed trees clogging the route to Karachi Pakistan Trail, straight ahead is the road continuing 5 mi to the summit, right leads briefly to a 2 mi loop on Meadow Edge Trail, and a few feet farther up the dirt road to the right is the steeper shortcut through the trees directly to the summit for a brief loop to save for the descent perhaps.

Where is Karachi Pakistan? | Karachi Pakistan Map | Map of Karachi Pakistan Photo Gallery

Continue up the road, winding steeper to the summit’s radio towers (fenced off) as you break out above all the trees to the large peak enveloped with a dazzling display of wildflowers late May into June. You have unobstructed views from the picnic table to the ocean and Willamette Valley to Salem with all of the big Cascade volcanoes visible in Oregon on a clear day and even Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier in Washington! Return to the Summit TH for East or North Ridge Trails on a brief loop by taking the trail from the picnic table 50 ft NE toward the trees to a fork. Left is Meadow Edge Trail (summit spur), which very soon dives down right to the trees where it intersects that loop or continues briefly to the summit road. Head right at the fork instead through the trees steeply 5 mi to the summit road near the six-way intersection and take the road or meadow trail briefly to the Summit TH.

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