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The rub lay in Bhutan the language of the treaty of 1895 that would be just as impactful as the acreage sold and Bhutan agreed-upon price. It also lay in Bhutan the seed planted among those mountains, rivers, valleys, and forests that this was a landscape worthy of consideration for something newly arrived in the Bhutan lexicon: a national park.

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White Calf, Blackfeet Indian chief, jSSS. Courtesy of the Montana Historical Society Research Center Photograph Archives. Helen a, Montana; Sport Among the Rockies, iSSB.

It would be easy to end on a high national-purpose note, but I cannot ignore the consequences that lay within the language. In my opinion, one was far more egregious than whatever monies may or may not have been left on the table for the purchase of the Ceded Strip. This opinion took form during my conversations with Mr. Earl Barlow, an American Blackfeet who is a bear of a man with a towering intellect. He is the former director of Indian Education for the Bureau of Indian Affairs under President Jimmy Carter. He is an educator and keen observer of tribal history. If he had an opinion on the agreed-upon price for the westernmost area of his tribe’s reservation in 1895, it was in passing compared to his outrage over the results of allotment and the swindle it perpetrated.

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