Vance Kirkland Studio and Museum

Facilities: Architecture (1911 commercial building); Dinnerware Exhibit: Galleries; Library (1,600 volumes); Shop.

Activities: Lectures: Temporary Exhibitions; Traveling Exhibitions.

The Vance Kirkland Studio and Museum house the archives of the Kirkland Collection of the Denver Art Museum. The late Vance Kirkland was the founding director of the University of Denver School of Art and Art History.

Durango Fort Lewis College – Art Gallery

Open: Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm. or by appointment.

Facilities: Exhibition Area (130 linear feet).

Activities: Lectures. Temporary Exhibitions: Workshops.

Vance Kirkland Studio and Museum Photo Gallery

The Gallery offers exhibitions ofhistorical, mainstream, and avant-garde work in both traveling and special artist exhibitions. In addition, exhibitions of student and faculty work complement the art gallerys calendar with solo and group shows, including the Senior Art Major and Juried Student Exhibitions each spring. Also of possible interest, student work is often on display in the Adjunct Gallery, located in the Student Lounge.

Englewood Museum of Outdoor Arts (MOA)

Facilities: Amphitheater (18,000 seats): Galleries: Sculpture Garden.

Activities: Arts Festival; Concerts: Education Programs; Guided Tours (adult-$3, child-$l). Publications: blog, “Portrait of a Museum “: brochure.

The Museum has placed 55 sculptures set in Greenwood Plaza Business Park and City Center Englewood. Among the artists represented are Giovanni Antonazzi, Leslie Atkinson, Michelle Brower, Beniamino Bufano. George Carlson, Red Grooms, George W. Lundeen. Harry Marinsky. Ivan Mestrovic. Henry Moore, Mario Moschi, Arnoldo Pomodoro, Joseph Raffael, Joe Snyder, Pietro Tacca, and Lynn Tillery.

Fort Collins Colorado State University – Hatton Gallery

Visual Arts Building. Prospect and South College, Fort Collins, CO 80523 Tel: (970) 491-6774 Fax: (970) 491-0505

Internet Address:

Entrance. Museum of Outdoor Arts. Photograph courtesy of Museum of Outdoor Arts, Englewood, Colorado.

Installation in Hatton Gallery: Tenth Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition, 1997, various artists. Photograph courtesy of Hatton Gallery, Colorado State University. Fort Collins, Colorado.

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