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On the south coast of England is Southampton – the largest city in the royal country of Hampshire. With the city experiencing the finest oceanic climate, it makes one of the best places to visit. Historically, it has been an important port for centuries. But from an overall perspective, it is an interesting mix of old and new, with beautiful parks and gardens, museums, theatres, art gallery, churches, town walls and many more to add. Most importantly, it is a good base to visit New Forest and the Isle of Wight.

Explore the popular attractions in Southampton

Solent sky museum

If you want to discover Southampton’s aviation heritage, the Solent Sky museum is the ideal place to visit. It features amazing collection of models and photographs, aero engines, and 18 magnificent flying machines, including Supermarine Spitfire and Supermarine S6a (N248).

Town walk

See the third longest and unbroken stretch of city wall of Britain at City Walls. With more than 90 listed buildings, 30 ancient monuments, medieval churches, medieval wine vaults, and fine Georgian houses and hotels, the town walk is the best place to visit in Southampton.

SS Shieldhall

Explore the best part of Britain’s National Historic Fleet through SS Shieldfield, a heritage steamship. She serves as a tribute to Britain’s maritime heritage and is the largest surviving working steamship in Europe. You can get a glimpse of this ship regularly in the Southampton Maritime Festival that brings together a host of activities, attractions and displays, including fly-overs, vehicles and historic vessels.

City art gallery

With an excellent collection of more than 3,800 European art work from 1400s to the 21st century, Southampton Art Gallery comprised some of the greatest works of Renoir, Freud, Monet, Turner, Gormley and Whiteread. The gallery also encompasses the best collection of contemporary British art that has received international recognition.

Tudor house and garden

Initially, the Tudor house was built in the late 15th century for a wealthy family. However, today it is used as a museum to display exhibits from Edwardian and Victorian era. The garden is a must visit and the stairs lead down to another area. As a visitor, you can use free audio guides as you enjoy several artifacts including archaeological findings from Tudor and medieval period or Victorian and Georgian jewelry.

Titanic trail

Titanic is still in the heart of everyone from Southampton. Numerous sites around the city were associated with that giant vessel. The best way to discover every information about Titanic is through Titanic trail that leads you to all the memorial buildings, maritime museum and the city’s connection to the ship. You may also visit Titanic Musician’s Memorial dedicated to the ship’s musicians.

The Red Lion pub

If you’re a pub lover, the Red Lion pub is a must visit. It is Southampton’s one of the oldest pubs that has miraculously survived the Victorian expansion of the city and the German WWII onslaught. The pub is a friendly one, which serves an excellent range of beers and other alcohols. Besides, the restaurants serve some of the best finger-licking traditional foods.

Ocean village

If you want to explore a blend of marina, business, residential and leisure development in Southampton, Ocean Village is the place for you. The Calshot Spit Lightship at Ocean village is 84 and a half feet in length and 20 feet wide and forms the main attraction here. Besides, the marina is surrounded by restaurants, shops, bars, cinemas and offers excellent recreational facilities.

Mayflower Theatre

If theatre watching is your passion, do not miss Mayflower theatre. It was the largest theatre in the south of England. Once upon a time the theatre, hosted several concerts played by the popular artists including the Rolling stones, Queen, The Beatles, Rush, The Police, Kate Bush and Led Zeppelin. Still you will get to enjoy some of the greatest plays of your choice at Mayflower theatre that received the certificate of excellence in this year.

The Holy Rood church

Holyrood church is popularly known as the church of the sailors’ because it stand as the memoriam to the merchant navy men who lost their lives in World War II. The Holy Rood is one of the old medieval churches and a historical site in Southampton. The church is large and impressive from within. This ancient structure consists of nave with side aisles and a choir of chancel.

So, here you have the top ten attractions that should not be missed during your trip to Southampton. You may choose any means of communication, such as city bus service or cruise ship from Southampton port to make your exploration memorable.

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