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Alright guys quick update.

So I am in SM Bowl in Cebu City it’s kind of like their biggest mall here. I’m going into regatta they actually contacted me, and said. I should take a look at their clothing.

So let’s see if we can find anything what do you think. I do look really nice for the first time whatever. I have nice clothing shopping spree after wearing the same shirt for like every day gonna have to retire the drone hero shirt krishna’s got his clothes.

I got the clothes confirmatory weinraub my favorite store that permit or what seem city is really really good any of the air in the area looking for good for over twenty one go there, and then. I think we’re to go. I can go telex we get it, and all that fun stuff buh-bye guys thank you.

I am stocked up. I now can throw out a bunch of my crap clothing. I’m.

So excited about three shirts maybe four shirts pair of shorts a belt, and basically a whole new wardrobe. So pretty stoked Thank You regatta now. I’m going to go get a haircut right as.

I’m telling you guys that. I’m off to get a haircut someone just stopped me her name was rose, and if you’re reading Rose hello it was. So nice to meet you she was like you got a haircut at the small didn’t you, and she’s like you got a haircut at Bruno’s that’s the second time today that.

I was stopped by someone being oh my gosh. I watch your posts it’s such a surreal feeling. Because it’s.

Map of Cebu City Photo Gallery

So new for me to actually have people recognizing me. But it’s been happening quite a bit. And I don’t think it’ll ever get old honestly it’s.

So flattering every time you guys come up, and say hello if you guys ever see me make sure you make a stop. I would love to get to know you a little bit, and yeah Abby’s getting her nails done. And I’m like well.

I don’t really have anything to do. So I’m gonna get my very first ever pedicure for 80 pesos guys that’s two US dollars to basically have someone massage my feet is it Gilligan. I’m gonna have the most beautiful feed by the end of this.

And I said. I was not blogging. But here.

I am there’s so many times. I’m blogging again today this is not supposed to happen around a little girl day.

I need some bubble tea for my pedicure like we gotta we gotta get himself some drinks girl. I just tell my girl here Abby that we are gonna have the most people speed by the end of the flight polish who’s the lucky lady we abandon the pedicure place they had significant minutes. I was like what the heck’s things alone.

I would talk to them if they wanted another 20 minutes. So like they didn’t even mention it. But it’d be a 40-minute wait kind of Records.

But anyways Abby’s checking out eyelash extensions Abby’s gonna be stylish some of the clients they’ve had in the past you had stylish you you guys freshen your cut new wardrobe new Christian let’s do it you looking stylish my eyes are watery darkness from joy tears of joy. I got my line back Abby got her Laurie slick, and stylish ramen ramen ramen ramen ramen ramen they’re doing a ballet routine. I was about to go back there, and film a daycare, and show you guys the name of the place.

Because it’s so creepy. But then

I realized to be just as creepy fire filming a daycare. So anyways, I’ll just tell you guys what it is there’s a place where you can leave your kids play shop it’s called Dave’s funhouse. I don’t think somewhere.

I’m going to leave my kids should be named after a grown-ass man Dave stay away from kids this is our room for the next three nights. I think we’re going to extend it to four nights, and just edit edit edit edit that’s it that’s our plan. I said.

I wasn’t gonna blog. I’m doing a tiny bit of blogging. I’m just cutting out the blogging.

So that. I can focus on what’s important, and that’s actually getting blogs up, and getting them out to you guys. So day two kind of day three ish.

But really just day two welcome to our hotel room we just tried to order through room service, and like the Philippines. I mean bless their hearts they are such nice people. But sometimes it’s just like some of the lower earning workers definitely are very systematic.

So they know how to follow the system they know how to do their small responsibilities, and here comes room service calling back again hello you have no chicken fingers okay. So let’s take another look at the menu one second here you have fish fingers. I don’t think that’s gonna work okay one second oh my girlfriend will look again we’ll get we’ll get two burgers you have enough you have enough food to make two burgers right not just the one two burgers okay great thank you that’s the third time they’ve called me we tried to order sandwiches we tried to order burgers we tried to order chicken fingers anyways what.

I was saying was this is a very common occurrence in the Philippines you just have to be able to roll with it it’s kind of funny that’s all there is to it. I’ve been meaning to bring this up for a while now but I haven’t gotten around to it.

So here we go. I need some of your guys’s help. So I know everyone has skills.

And I need people who have skills in web design. I need people who are designers the first thing. I want to make a new fan of the day.

So basically when I first started fan of the day it was almost a farce it was a joke. I was just using the dumbest editing possible on Final Cut Pro, and basically.

I just kept doing, and that’s what. I’ve been using since. I want to make something that’s still kind of like a bit ridiculous looking but.

I want it to be done in a nicer way. So if you’re interested in designing something maybe she’s reading she’s sent laughing at her own snap story love you it’s so fun yeah it’s it’s a me ordering room service.

I have to watch it watch it. I’m looking for someone who’s interested in doing the full design, and edit of my fan of the day or or if you want to edit all my blog to item number two. I want to create a web page.

So I already own the rights to los LeBlanc com. I have no background in web design. And I’m looking for someone who’s talented, and wants to take that on as a way to kind of expand their portfolio.

So if you see that as a project that you’d be interested interested in send me an e-mail item number three if you know how to do animations within a post. So like. I’ve seen posts where there’s like moving writing inside the post or like you know it’ll be like a clip of someone walking, and then there’s like almost like a hand-drawn shooting star going across the screen like that’s just like an example.

But if you know how to do on-screen animations in posts give me an email there might be some cool clap opportunities for some of my highlight posts, and projects like that again if you guys have background in web design post production, and you’re interested in getting involved send me an email, and let’s chat my emails link down below hello a couple of Berg’s hi guys we match we are matching what sort of. I’m a bug gun okay. But it’s one of my new shoes we’re leaving in the room it’s a big deal for us it’s about 3:30 quite a bit of work done yeah we’re gonna go to a coffee shop.

Because the internet is stupid hotel it’s down 50% of the time, and we’re spending a bit of money to stay here. So some frustrating when you spend money, and don’t get what you were promised this is a Ella. So they’re big shopping district really high-end stores, and kind of nicely done up it’s not representative of Cebu City.

But it’s really a niche area walk through that metal detector like some sort of a UVO tournament everyone’s playing with their cards it’s madness madness madness feel all my work partner we’re in Cebu for work okay guys this is Bing here Abby. And I were just doing some work in the coffee shop, and making been reading some of the posts quickfire. So great to meet you guys color should be Jamaican.

So I just got picked up by a ladyboy Abby went to the bathroom, and then right as. I’m waiting outside of the bathroom this lady / boy came up, and she’s like hey. I’m like.

I think she’s like what are you doing tonight. I’m like hanging out with my girlfriend, and then he’s flushed she like oh yeah it’s like what are you doing after that. I’m like.

I’m gonna go see a movie with my girlfriends like oh. So you’re not available, and give me a wink, and then. I was like definitely not available that’s my first ever time getting picked up by the boys actually that’s not true let’s do this guy’s guy my first-ever Medicare oh my god who’s gonna be the lucky lady lucky lady.

I gotta say. I think they’re overrated. I mean ya might even like being honest in a position my feet look better than usual my blog that my buzz post it’s one of my favorites it’s our second day in bonzi on, and this blog is killer.

I put in a lot of work any time. I have a good blog. I invest at least four to five hours this one’s coming close to six hours.

So really really a lot of time invested in this log. But it shows, I’ll link it down below check it out a couple fish tacos she should probably pay we’re reading my blog posts. We’ve been here for like five six hours got your teasing amount of work done sorry Karen you will get mad when you cut me off you forget man you look at that yeah there’s been a couple comments like butter like you need to let margin anyway it doesn’t really matter.

So what. I was saying was this is very nice little piece of paradise in Cebu City here it says click yeah this piece is also kind of creepy where it’s like dark. But like trying to watch church service.

But the Wi-Fi is separating me from God is that free we’re going downstairs we’re going to try to find internet. Because we’re halfway through the cerumen, and the internet just stopped working this has been my life. I was going to stay for four days.

But really it’s been my life since getting in the Philippines all right guys finally of Internet’s with my back to reading our church service thank goodness. I was this close to killing someone according to sandwiches that is how much for a meal Cola hey guys. So again we were doing work in a coffee shop, and someone has recognized us for the posts this here is how Allah, and Allah is actually living in Cebu City doing missions work.

So tomorrow we will be joining her, and she’s going to show us around Cebu City show us the real side of Cebu that people don’t generally see. So yeah that’s for tomorrow pretty crazy guys. So again here at Abby.

And I are sitting in a coffee shop working on our posts, and someone comes up to us says hello, and she’s like. I think. I recognized you from new posts.

And So we get to talking Paola is from Miami in the United States. And So she was telling us a bit of her story her, and her husband knew that they need to do missions work. So through the church they wanted to go, and help other people around the world tell them of God, and share the message with them.

And So anyways she wasn’t sure where she was going to go they decided on the Philippines. But she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to go to Cebu or Manila, and she looked up, and saw the license plate right in front of her, and bright yellow said Cebu, and for her that was God’s Way of telling her that Cebu was where she was meant to be just like that she is now come into our lives, and it’s pretty crazy. So it’s more oh we are going to be attending a while am depends, and for those who don’t know why Wham’s a large Christian organized does all sorts of volunteer work around the world we’re visiting where a lot of squatters live in Cebu in lapu-lapu also known as mock time.

So we’ll be seeing some of the most disadvantaged people in life some who just are literally scraping by just to survive. And So I think it’s really in a sense a godsend to have met her today could not be more excited for tomorrow. And I was even recently talking to Abby.

I’m like we now have eleven hundred dollars roughly us that has been given to this donation fund. I’ve been holding on to it. Because I don’t want to just give it away for no good reason.

I want to wait to meet the right person or the right people do some of the Philippines poorest people. And I think this could be a huge opportunity to use some of that money, and see how we can benefit multiple people or a whole community really excited for that guys that will be tomorrow’s blog guaranteed genuine medicines thumbs up for genuine medicines.

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