Hey guys. I’m right outside of my hostel last night. I stayed at the warm white hostel that the.

So the hostel is like two blocks away from cosine Road pretty much one of the best places to stay if you’re a backpacker. I give it a seal of approval. I’m going to head to true cafe.

I’m going to edit a blog get a blog posted. Because it’s the only place. I can find good Wi-Fi at you.

So now. I’m gonna check out cosine Road rock out. So this is cosine by day, and by night it has a totally different vibe basically this is like the go-to for backpackers cheap alcohol by cheap clothing cheap goods it’s a lot of fun people are eating scorpions tarantulas this is like stereotypical Bangkok it’s perfect.

I just found a true cafe here. I’m gonna do a bit of editing ice cappuccino hey guys. I just finished editing blogs.

I’ve been sitting here for the past two hours, and the true coffee shop. And I need to upload it hopefully the upload speed is pretty quick but I think it should be a problem okay this is absolutely amazing four minutes for a two gigabyte file two, and a half hours later finished all my editing Skype flora.

I’m all done for the day now. I can just kind of film, and hang out. I’m meeting with another blogger.

So super random a guy by the name of Life of Jordans Channel, and name is Jordan he messaged me, and he’s like hey. I’m in Bangkok if you’re around like we should grab a drink or something. So I’m meeting with him in like 20 minutes.


So you guys will meet him as well this is basically Thailand’s best export if you come to Thailand you need to get at least three of these they don’t last very long they rip. But while they’re intact there’s the comfiest pants you’ll ever wear starting to rain, and when it starts to rain it starts to pour. So I give it another two minutes before it’s a torrential downpour this morning the rain was.

So loud that it actually woke me up. So I think this might be round 2 on its way. I’m going to meet Jordan like 15 minutes, and then I’m meeting with my hostel owner who’s kindly accommodating me for the next two more days actually, and then. I go to Kotel. So I booked my ticket with no fare.

And I fly out Tuesday morning to put out one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. So really excited about that oh here we go that was all within two minutes of me saying. I think it’s about to rain, and now it is down for, and this is life George Jordan this guy.

And So Jordans actually a blogger as well, I’ll link his stuff down below. But it’s incredible to finally meet someone else he’s doing the same thing as me kind of like the unicorns of society the Jordan is actually heading to the self in China he’s going to learn jujitsu up in the mountains for six weeks. So that sounds like a pretty cool series to me yeah we’re doing that now we’re going to hit level on from hip real ow, and then China okay thank eyes gonna be his supporting role in Asia cue the cameraman 40 bar that’s again it’s better than 100 but.

I want 20. But come on you cannot cannot can strike up the deal. And I think we all know where they came from there was a Holi festival nearby.

I’ve missed two overs now we finally have one committed to us they’ll be here in two minutes all right hello all right guys. I was checking my phone, and Abby Reed now has her own fan page look at that they’re so cute together forty-five minutes later we’re still in our uber, and we’re almost at the airplane graveyard you don’t know what that is well you’re gonna find out pretty quickly here we are here this is definitely it that’s the airplane this is the graveyard we think we have to pay to get in.

So we’re gonna find out a little kid is saying is close but I don’t see how this could be closed doesn’t look like it’s ever open money talks let’s see what happens when we flashed 100 apparently money doesn’t talk. Because the little guys kind of telling us to go he’s not even interested in our money’s kind of saying like it’s too late.

I don’t know maybe there’s a time that they have people come in by the way we drove all the way over here. I really want to get in here. We’ve offered them as much as a thousand baht which is the equivalent of like 30 US dollars, and we’re willing to pay even more.

But they’re just they’re not even entertaining, and my gosh you’re letting us in they’re letting us in couple got access guys we got in. So I don’t know what changed. I guess it must have been my charm it was like 200 baht each to get in.

So that’s like six dollars it’s nothing, and now we get to explore these abandoned Plains. So this is the biggest complaints let’s go inside Oh cosy make this my home how is it up there Titan. So this is the emergency hatch on the bottom side of the plane nowheres come on down it really is tight holy let’s go up into the cockpit this is a great place to get tetanus all right.

So this is the front of the plane we were looking at earlier. I guess right behind there will be the cockpit. I don’t know how we get through it someone on top of it oh it’s up there there’s actually my blog blogs that are fully dedicated to like exploring old, and abandoned buildings or shipwrecks, and all this kind of stuff.

So this would be the perfect place might have to transition into Christians abandoned buildings, and airplanes logs. I prefer tropical beaches rather than rusty old metal places from stairway to heaven this is. So cool what man down man down did you break your football she’ll find out, and Little John film at least if you’re gonna go down it’ll be for a good cause more views all right let’s go check out the cockpit in the event of an emergency please fasten your own oxygen mask before your neighbors guys did you check in your bags Oh airplane humor yeah pretty good here we go to the cockpit that’s crazy look at this.

So it’s totally ripped apart obviously they sold all the pieces that were salvageable for scraps, and look at that you can actually see the traffic just outside of the cockpit here. So make a pretty cool time-lapse. I’m sweating buckets.

Because there’s insulation in the airplane it is disgustingly hot we’re getting out of here now the Thai lady who’ll Edison is starting to basically shout at us, and get out get out. So it’s time to go Chi climbed one of the airplanes, and basically it was easier to get up than it wants to get down. So he like had to try to get his way down without falling it took him like five minutes to get off the top of the plane there’s an absolute blast exploring an abandoned plane with you guys but.

I got to go see you later, and mom is telling us to leave giving us a very strong suggestion to leave the campus again bye-bye we’re heading back to close on road now, and we’re on this overpass a little pedestrian area. I thought this would be a perfect spot for a time-lapse outside of a little Thai market, and they’ve selling everything from like chicken on stick to fish. I see peanuts watermelon the good stuff fine it thank you don’t go have a good day.

I don’t know if it’s alive hello oh dear that is not a healthy-looking dog so. We’ve taken a taxi back, and we just passed the king’s palace we’re at. I think it’s called Wat Pho was the area, and it’s right near the river.

So we’re going to watch the sunset Jordan Kai are actually taking off they’re going to take the ferry across. I’m meeting up with a Thai friend of mine by the name of pare. And I’m meeting up with Ivana as well.

So we’re all gonna go for dinner, and that’s the plan for tonight we’re going our separate ways. So Jordan Kai are heading off to China southern China do Jiu Jitsu in mountains. So you want to follow them on all of their social needs yeah, I’ll link that down below yeah.

I was look guys might like you would live for George Hank. I might start his own blog see. I’m yeah.

I’m going stop, and there they go. I finally found eagle nests it’s the restaurant we’re meeting at, and it’s so hard to find it’s literally hidden.

Because the front is called Salle’s, and apparently inside of Salle’s eagle nests, and they like didn’t have any billboards or anything pretty much missed the sunset but I think the place we’re going for dinner has a nice view how much further hello. So this is where we would have seen the sunset but.

I missed it again right over there it’s lost. I doing which. I climbed on my first day in Bangkok when.

I ride just finished up here, and we’re going to go, and find some dinner now. Because this was only for drinks check this out. So on this side you have the king’s palace, and some temples, and on this side you have the chao praya river which runs right through here, and that is wat arun one of the coolest temples in all Bangkok all right time to pile in look at these little kittens it’s a kitten, and this this is pear we had class together a truly long corn, and that’s the connection all right this cows on road at night.

So it’s still very early. But people are starting to bring their stands out music starting to be played pockets are being presented people are ready for the night one block over from cosine Road is this road what’s it called rambha 3 something it’s all food based what kind of food are we getting there getting people ok obvious. So we had dinner, and we’re all heading our separate ways.

I’m going back to my hospital to shower, and maybe sleep. I’m so exhausted like it’s really setting in that.

I have not been sleeping enough but I might go out tonight if. I meet the right person otherwise.

I’m gonna enjoy a nice sleep all right it’s back at the hostel got my towel. I’m gonna take a shower. I have not showered in two days.

And I’m so sticky it’s disgusting Oh firm white hospital, and all right we got to have a mutual friend in Vancouver, and here we are planning to love it Oh thank you.

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