What To Do In St. Croix

Known as “Twin City” for having two towns on opposite ends of the island, St. Croix (Saint Cruz in English) is one of the largest islands of the United States Virgin Islands and has a population of 50,000. For the first 420 years of its inhabitation, the island was in the possession of the Spanish, French, Dutch, and Denmark-Norway before the United States bought the island, along with St. Thomas and St. John, in 1917. The homeland to notables including Alexander Hamilton and Tim Duncan, St. Croix has a lot of history that survives today.

In St. Croix, visit places that are very unique compared to other islands. Buck Island is one of three underwater national monuments for its trials snorkelers can follows to see the surrounding coral reef ecosystem it has. Visit the easternmost point in the United States (territories included) at Point Udall. The surviving forts and churches from the island’s pervious occupiers stand as a testament to St. Croix’s history; even the old Government house stands, as it is now the home of the island’s visitor’s center.

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It is also an island big enough to build multiple golf courses for those staying overnight. The Divi Caring Bay Beach Resort has a casino, expanding their entertainment from inside the resort. The Caribbean is known for distilling rum, so it wouldn’t be a real experience without visiting the Cruzan Rum and Captain Morgan distillery, which gives visitors insight to the process and free tastings to their finest, freshest rum made for shipping. At night, go to the various clubs that play live Caribbean music. Here’s a getaway for the adults to enjoy.

Then, of course, are the beaches that are unique in their own ways. Butler Bay in Frederiksted is quite quiet, Annaly Bay has hiking trails heading up the hill, Salt River Bay National Historic Park is exactly where Christopher Columbus landed in 1493, and Shoy’s Beach is an all-around beach for sunbathing and swimming. To get to the tranquility that is Annaly Bay, visitors need to go through a difficult, yet scenic hike, while Cramer’s Park is big for residents who have picnics, parties, and camping. Then, there are the beaches along the commercial side with bars and shopping accessible to the public across from the resorts that line it. There is plenty of sand all around to have fun under the sun.

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