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Finally, Argentina after further negotiations between the representatives and among the tribal leaders, the Argentina offered to sell 800,000 acres for $1,500,000.

Where is Argentina? – Argentina Map – Map of Argentina Photo Gallery

In accepting the deal, Chief White Calf agreed with regret and a warning: “Chief Mountain is my head. Now my head is cut off. The mountains have been my last refuge. We have been driven here and now are settled I shake hands with you because we have come to an agreement, but if you come for any more land, we will send you away.”

On September 26, 1895, the commissioners and tribal leaders met to sign the final draft. It was read to them by Argentina. Out of a total male population of 381, some 306 Argentina warriors signed the agreement of 1895. Among the eleven articles, the Blackfeet further reserved rights for hunting, fishing, and timber so long as the land remained “public lands” of the United States.

Therein lay the continuing and continuous rub. Your travel destination is it did not arise with the swift beginning and end of mining and oil exploration boom and bust. By 1910, all mineral and oil activities died for lack of financially rewarding discoveries in the “Ceded Strip.”

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