Simo you’re showing us the finer things in Montreal see mall can.

I tell they have logged the events that transpired inside that restaurant anyways let me tell a story it’s like one of the plenty of things that. I’ve seen happen to my life doing the last of the packing it’s time to say goodbye to the beloved cottage we’re now heading to Montreal full week has come, and gone goodbye to the door that cut my foot open the beaver on the side of the road. I think it’s a Marmot might have been a Marmot yeah it’s like in the middle of town autumn Canadian mascot, and we’re off we are about to board our train, and via rail Canada is a great way to get around the country if you have that option from Ottawa to Montreal it’s going to cost us about forty bucks thank you, and look how lovely this is so spacious like the bullet trains in Japan with this kind of editing setup. I wish we were going across the country, and not just one province over look at this. I could do work here for hours also this is a fun pack provided by Stine if you guys weren’t reading the Romania Bulgaria Series sign every now, and then would drop knowledge bombs.

Because he studied history. So he’s got lots of like cool quirky facts, and one of them was that the i-5, and another highway in the states they’re actually built out of concrete, and not asphalt reason being is that the United States wanted to be able to bring tanks up north to the Canadian border in the event that there was an invasion from Canada not literally from Canada. But if it was occupied by someone ie Russia they would be able to bring their tanks up north very quickly, and it was built out of asphalt then the tanks would actually go right through the the highway which would be no good they also have complimentary onboard Wi-Fi cornfield this is like an AI robot company you have now under mantra goodbye Christian this is where.

I leave you you’ve been spotted once around okay guys. So I have taken over officially for the blog. So it’s now my blog Channel a TV money.

And I like fuel. I don’t know violently conjugations gun we’re down. I don’t open our own a a leave a buck an ard been a minnow on dois alia the Airbnb we rented an Airbnb for one night we don’t really know what we’ll do for the two other nights.

But first thing we need to do is get some McDonald’s for lunch. I’ve never used Airbnb before. But obviously.

I know it very very well one of the things. I neglected it’s not really a big deal. But apparently the place we rent it is not like our own suite it’s actually going to be shared with the owner which is fine it’s really not that big a deal especially it’s only one night you did yeah Eden, and there’s our Volvo its DDA thank you they depend upon skip emotional weight merci beaucoup DDA Nancy bonne journee dd err uber driver kept chuckling he’s like oh does she not speak any French, and him.

And I were speaking French the entire way it’s like well finally you get a break Oh DJ. So we have been dropped off right in front of where we hope our Airbnb is should be just on this corner here GTA was also saying though that. I mean you could see when we were getting in the youever it’s not like some cities where uber is actually totally permitted it’s still kind of a gray area.

And So he like almost like secretly took our luggage, and put in the trunk like didn’t want to make a scene, and then he asked me to sit in the front seat. Because they want it to look like you know you’re picking up a friend they don’t want to passengers being in the back seats then it’s very obvious that this is an uber. So we should be that’s the one.

So this is our room for the night it’s good, and this is our little buddy Monsieur wuzzle anyway Florida’s pulled a giant hole in her pants the shorts weren’t short enough right now super scandalous yeah it actually looks like it was meant to be like that this might not be a big deal to the rest of the world. But in Canada to be able to buy alcohol in a gas station or a corner store it’s a big deal. Because you can’t do that it’s so nice you can’t yeah you have to go to a designated liquor store. But here you have the convenience throwbackthursday finger skateboards all right look if baguettes don’t have to swear by my baguette. But at least the options they’re gonna mind emergency Vegas yeah it helps my energy levels they’re plummeting self-limiting.


I need a beginning. But if you look if you are friends yeah now people can’t make fun of the accent thing ignore it some people get offended they’re arguing overboard that cowboy hat today Eastern Canada is extremely seasonal. So what that means is our winters are cold, and our summers are hot today is probably about thirty degrees.

But give it about a month, and a half, and it’s going to be like probably in the minuses like it’s going to get cold quick like someone flips a switch, and all of a sudden summer is over, and we probably have in Montreal. I don’t know the climate too well but I think by late September people are already wearing like thick jackets.

So at least for the summer this system here is phenomenal called bixie, and you put in your credit card, and you can actually rent a bike for like an hourly basis. So for three days it’s 14 dollars which is about ten us that means we have unlimited use of these, and we could drop off the bikes at any rack downtown. So I painted the terminal, and here’s my code.

I’m gonna hide the last two digits. Because you guys are thieves. I actually just remembered Abby.

And I have logged Montreal before like. We’ve logged the whole vixy experience showing off downtown, and what happened was my drone plummeted to the bottom of a dam. And I had not emptied off the memory cards.

So that entire week of blogging was basically lost what you’d never have started a my blog blog. I have a much revolt Montreal blog of my life. I made yeah.

I do remember that. So Abby has a main blog you should check it out it’ll be linked down below yeah it’s gonna be really bad. I can’t your post just like that.

I’m ready to vixy around Montreal my bell doesn’t work. So right over there there’s a brand bumptious group of students. So it’s frosh week school has just started, and when University starts there’s often tinkled frosh at frosh is kind of like the opening week of school people go crazy they party, and in Montreal it’s the crease in all Canada, and arguably North America it’s just like virtual Montreal is a really cultural environment place the big deal with crush week in Montreal is that it’s legal to drink in Montreal at 18 years old whereas the rest of Canada you have to be 19.

So many first-year students can’t legally drink in the rest of Canada whereas they come to Montreal, and it’s it’s game on my school used to frosh week. But then then bad things happen, and we got rid of frosh week move it or lose it lady another fact is it Montreal will dress the best out of anywhere in Canada it’s that French side of the culture they actually take pride in how they look then you go to Vancouver, and everyone’s wearing yoga pants, and giant boots rain boots not nice boots they’re big see looking off LA. So you see a lot of stuff like this in Montreal graffiti all over murals.

But like not just like graffiti graffiti. But like properly done artistic, and very colorful one of the funniest strikes. I’ve ever seen in my life is the police department here in Montreal, and the thing is the police for obvious reasons are legally not allowed to go on strike.

So they can’t just not show up at work. But what they did do. And I had to do with pension benefits they weren’t pleased with some of the changes that were made what they did do pretty much all police officers in Montreal we’re wearing these extremely vibrant, and very feminine pants.

And So you’d see a police officer in full uniform with bright pink pants or you’d see a police officer with like colorful blue camo pants, and it was basically just to take the piss of the government saying hey you’re not looking playing with our terms, and we’re to show our defiance in some way that was the way of defying the government was pretty funny, and, I’ll let you guys know if. I see any more colorful cop pants but. Because I was in Brownsville yeah like to do.

So right now they’re actually the middle of filming something very clever skit will be yeah you’re giving the blog yeah if you send me the post. I could put it in the blog like, I’ll link it dude yeah yeah be awesome all the hustle, and bustle of the city is busy today, and there’s another beautiful Church get well soon Abby was here with Garnier she was shooting for a campaign, and that was in the winter, and Montreal gets really really cold there’s like no one on the street it looks like it’s at under almost yeah it’s abandoned outside. But the reason people get away with not being outside is.

Because they’re either in their cars or they just go through malls all the buildings here like all the main buildings are connected through underground tunnels in the winter everyone just uses these tunnels, and goes through big buildings to avoid being outside it gets like minus 30 Abby got our nails did, and we are about to meet up with my cousin he’s probably one of the graves of people. I know like our family thinks there’s something wrong with them you’re gonna meet Simone in just a few seconds, and he’s actually got another brother by the name of mark mark is that Burning Man right now. But he gets back tonight.

So assuming he’s still alive you guys will meet him tomorrow all a bunch of nut cases it’s so much fun. So seem all lives in Montreal in one of Christians biggest fans yeah number one fan signal is going to show us this tower where we can eat, and look over Montreal.

But we’re like super casual right now. So we might not get in that’s right see mole has a suit in the back of there believe it or not he just came from work will we be let in that is the question oles our fault Amy cool means terrible kids seemed all you’re showing us the finer things in Montreal, I’ll get my drone up oh my gosh this is awesome really think. I brought you here for the view remember to come you there’s no bar this is a sick spot.

So the architects of this building have photographers best interest in mind you’ve got a little hole in this you can take a photo without getting that pane of glass in the way. I think C Mon did good a really cool spot after getting off that elevator like we just came down maybe like 50 floors in about 20 seconds maybe a bit less. I feel like.

I drank like five drinks up there wish we had like one drink. I feel. So disorientated like my eyes my yeah imagine going to work every day just go what’s up boss.

I’m trying out like that. But look what. I just found give it away give it away give it away now give it away.

I think. I got you my cover day. So it’s like the most Quebec thing there’s a protest going on over there they’ll protest everything Nixie Monza police officer protests going on oh where did they stop the funny pants on he’s looking right at me he’s looking Jim the Pantanal that’s.

So sick goodbye good luck have an atta Cuban food Lauren. I just watched a movie called the chef, and it was all about Cuban food tend to flex all my muscles, and my body. And I jump.

And I see them. So this is what we love about Montreal so much there’s.

So many cool boutique restaurants, and just like so much personality like right now we’re going to try out some Cuban mojito avocado salad with papaya, and nougat chicken something more chicken Habanera. So good like one of the best meals.

I’ve had yet if you come to Montreal you have to come to LA Habanera is more of a fusion between Mexican Spanish Cuban, and all the above. So not a true Cuban food. But delicious we’re stopping for a quick Hendrick soda de Mol comes here on Thursdays.

I tried it not come on Thursdays yeah that sometimes you have to thank you Juicy’s jack McCahan Overeem we are enjoying some nice cocktails talking about travel both ships cruises Australia, and all the merits of being a gold digger this is my cousin that was dropped at a very young age we’ll be back later huh stay fabulous let’s go yeah we’re going fine you feel the adrenaline or maybe it’s just the tomato. I don’t know. So we are currently heading to the old port which is the old town which is huh that’s pretty cool, and this here is the biggest, and grandest Church in all of Canada this is actually where our hometown hero Celine Dion was married inside this church here, and this one is called see well.

I believe that by Sigma Kadam got that cobblestone road SiC it’s a koala no z1 we’re on you’re on buddy. So there’s a bar right there, and you can take looks like dance lessons up there on a pole also known as pole dancing do you ever take classes up there pretty. But broke the bowl on the second time.

So I kind of let me in by out of pity on the side you’re not welcome anymore can we have like any like serious show me that. So he’s got a Samsung phone, and he’s got this feature like really scary. So if you press the side button three times to cook it takes a photo on both sides of the camera it voice records, and it sends it to your best location GPS location of you four contacts for contacts it’s like a safety feature by this guy, and this woman, and they have all the audio okay, and it’s being sent to his brother, and another good friend – Oh huh she’s like going home come on mama what that’s.

So creepy. So there’s just a giant wall here, and with it oh that’s really creepy let’s change buildings now it’s down there that is really creepy. I don’t know how.

I feel about this 19m Sam right now efficient on buildings we have to in alleys when you put the free app on your phone or a tablet you have the sound that comes with the protections. We’ve got the insiders tips here where are you taking us CMO what was this was this a train station. So this is the oldest Bank for the Royal Bank of Canada obviously didn’t make sense to keep it for a bank.

So now it’s a coffee shop guess you marble. I wish. I had a reason to use this elevator beef the family office.

So now we’re in that part of the city that feels like it could be France the old stone walls this isn’t a cobblestone road. But it’s coming up look at these little French style restaurants another projector people are running wise look that’s not the fire. I saw of it oh that’s creepy oh isn’t there a big fire in Quebec feel like all the cities had a big fire there yeah this is kind of creepy this app has gone too far when will app stop first Pokemon go now burning house of Montreal when will it stop imagine this is just your house like could you stop projecting on our house no this is a fruit salad see mall can.

I told Eve logged the events that transpired inside that restaurant we had to go old school today the funniest phone reception was down Wi-Fi was out that was when batteries were done see mall says let me tell a story it’s like one of the funnier things that. I’ve seen happen to my life Simo gets a piece of paper from the waitress, and Here. I am thinking all it’s the bill, and seemed already cover two of our meals.

So I’m like this is on me. So I like reach, and grab the piece of paper. So like really quickly had no chance to stop it.

And I open up the piece of paper. And I was like this is not the bill there are some digits here, and it’s either the world’s most expensive bill or it’s a telephone number it was a telephone number. I was like this was not supposed to be for me, and Abby.

And I both look at it. I have like. I hysterically broke down laughing in front of waitress it was.

So funny. I’m his number it was very funny Montreal’s known for mafia presence. And So construction throughout entire montreal is basically very unproductive they like rip things apart just to rebuild them, and it’s mafia money take everything with a grain of salt.

But essentially there’s a strong belief that the Mafia is padding their pockets with fake construction projects construction projects that run double, and triple over budget. So why don’t you try explaining that honestly. I don’t know how.

I feel with these projectors these are the construction zones in Montreal at the moment quick is a few of them it’s this not like this is the real one like the legal okay you can’t escape the projectors okay there’s no escaping the projectors they’re everywhere 1 1 through 5 Ontario Street we’re back it’s time to go to bed, and tomorrow we’re gonna meet up with Simone again we’re gonna see my other cousin mark, and just show you guys more of Montreal have good at you guys, and let’s get lost again fun of the day yay this has been my life the past 18 eyes.

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