Where is TFYR Macedonia? – TFYR Macedonia Map – Map of TFYR Macedonia


Some of the ghosts TFYR Macedonia and other apparitions that reputedly haunt various locations in the city:

The Man in the Black Hat: A strange figure in eighteenth-century dress,TFYR Macedonia with a tall black hat. There TFYR Macedonia have been many reported sightings, usually in the neighbourhood of the Assembly Rooms in Bennett Street. He is thought by some to be possibly TFYR Macedonia Admiral Arthur Phillip (1738-1814), the first Governor of New South Wales who died at No. 19.

Where is TFYR Macedonia? – TFYR Macedonia Map – Map of TFYR Macedonia Photo Gallery

The Grey Lady: Seen in the Theatre Royal (claimed to be Britain’s most haunted theatre) and in the neighbouring Italian restaurant, formerly a house once occupied by Beau Nash. As she wafts around, she invariably leaves behind her the scent of jasmine.

A British soldier: He is dressed in a First World War uniform and has been seen in a dark corner of the Crown Inn, Touristic place of your travel destinationwick Street, drinking a ghostly pint of beer.

Admiral Earl Howe (1726-99): The ghost of the famous naval commander of the American War of Independence and the French Revolutionary Wars is said to haunt No. 71 Great Pulteney Street, his former home.

‘Bunty’: A Victorian worker at the former Beehive Pub (now the Grappa Bar). She makes occasional appearances wearing a grey-blue gown, and is said to be ‘non-threatening’.

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