Yeah. And I got our woowoo the trip can only go up from here we survived sunny beach, and we live to tell the tale all right guys it is time to get out of here, and it couldn’t come any sooner eat like a king you just straighten himself here the right way signs recover feel better much better how did you like sunny beach for now alright boys another road let’s go back to Romania attract all right. So we’re doing our first pit stop we are at the gas station, and we think we’re taking the right Road.

But one of the challenging things of Bulgaria is that they don’t use Latin language. So it is their own different alphabet, and it’s not one that. I’m used to seeing.

So we can’t read the road signs. But we’re pretty sure Romanian border is a few hours maybe an hour, and a half up that way. I have no idea how this works that’s one good look at this.

So we most certainly taken the wrong road to get back we are getting lost. But this is what happens we just came across an amazing coastal town here we have no idea what it’s called. So sick would you look at that like what a bright light last summer she came back.

So young baby you. So poor no son you don’t want to grow up get a no fur. So when.

I get home no that’s okay we’d be fighting we’d be reunited gives me touch me tease me me time to go back to the motherland we’re back in Romania. So we’re gonna get some food, and we decided to stop back in Bamba Becky. I just did a very traditional Romanian park job basically you find something find a curve, and you just park there it’s all good to go it is way more chill than it was when we were here last time last time we were here it was a long weekend.


And So we couldn’t find anywhere to stay there was people everywhere today much more chilled out it’s kind of nice you guys like vomit Vichy oh that game yeah yeah it’s cool yeah that’s cool alternative yeah very hippie this is on Vicky by the way she cheap cheap all right we’re ready to go. We’ve just arrived in Constanta about four hours later. So actually pretty easy to get there from sunny beach we’re trying to figure out our plans for the night.

So trying to find a hotel a hospital something we had talked to someone, and they said we should go to lock that’s why cold let’s go look around. So we stopped ask for directions. Because we don’t know where we’re staying tonight in Constanta.

And I asked this lady she has been like 40 looked very credible very knowledgeable on Constanta, and she’s like you have to go to the squirt gun land. And I’m like okay, and thought. I thought it was an area.

So we’re like on the outskirts of town, and we pull up to this place that says let’s go I :, and it’s got like an – like a really really really tacky castle you can see a bit of the castle walls there. But it’s a restaurant hotel we can’t jump to conclusions yet they’re downing it remain optimistic it could be really cool it’s nice arigato kids it’ll come out like a really crappy Resort in Florida this what’s up it has to be them like the most horrible recommendation. I’ve ever received these boys would love the Canario only going to spiking for anyone’s eyes they’ll get a job that’s a game-changer.

I just don’t understand why she would recommend for three dudes to come to a place where you’d bring your family it’s like we’re gonna leave that’s what happens you make snap judgments this is what it’s all about there we go it does it smells like freshly painted get high off the chain fumes on me good name well the truth can only go up from here guys. I want to say here personally we have does your big sign out of here loves to hear another house look very authentic yeah. So after leaving that horrible horrible hotel we have been searching like trying to figure out somewhere to go to get internet, and to charge my phone, and we’re.

So lost getting lost big time here in Constanta almost got in a car crash after like my lane literally ended, and spat me out into an oncoming traffic lane anyways lights up. I gotta go 45 seconds. I’ve got another minute.

So basically right now we’re trying to get our phones worked out. Because we have no idea what we’re doing tonight we have to get on the internet booked something through like hostile world or something, and hopefully find something cool to do. Because it’s kind of like our last night here in Romania, and on the boys trip the lads on tour.

So it’s been an amazing time. We’ve had so much fun in Romania, and Bulgaria my light is done.

I got to go back through driving made it to the promised land in minute Jamaal you suck inside all the way in a constantan mall what’s up guys what are your names Ali how the two Alexes wicked. I just met a couple of awesome people who watch my posts here all the way in Romania did not think that would happen pretty cool we’re lost frigging lost well rules the Lighting’s horrible. But we cannot find the hostel.

So it turns out we were in the entirely different part of Constanta. I guess the hostel must have moved at some point. So Google Maps wasn’t updated.

So we’re now in Old Town where we think the hostel actually is. So maybe this was a we think it may have burned down we booked it through a reputable source. So there’s really no reason for this place to be hidden but.

We’ve checked both of its locations now we’re getting very concerned that we might not be able to find this place we found it what it exists we made it maybe. So to be a book direct it was not on hostile world. And I found this on well men are dusted we got rekt to do.

I had a feeling something was not going to go right, and it just happened. So basically booking.com how Matt booked his the hostel here there was an overlap, and there completely full despite booking on the system.

So we don’t have a place to stay right now we just spent an hour, and a half trying to find this place, and we can’t stay here. So this is the reality of traveling not everything is butterflies, and daisies. But we will prevail everything in Constanta is fully booked there’s a music festival in town, and that’s why it’s crazy busy here right now.

And So the hostel owner took the liberty of calling up a friend, and we’re going to that friend’s house who has a place that is being set up for renters. But it’s nowhere near ready apparently like we’re getting a discount the place doesn’t have hot water we’re like we were joking we’re like does it have a roof he’s like yeah yeah it should be good like. So we’ll let you know in a sec how it really is.

But we can’t find the address on Google map. So we literally have to call a number when we get to somewhere it’s a total mess get lost oh, and it’s gone. I don’t know we just said go to the street then call her they call her she’s like uh my english not.

So good, and now she just hung up. I think we’re sleeping in the skoda boys Oh mom. I am.

I know. I’m not not in my Maya. I am uh.

I’m on Rashi toss it is a Christmas Day miracle we have found it oh. I can’t believe it thank you so much yeah one there, and then there’s a double bed covered Oh beautiful.

I like it this is perfect thank you so much. I think it’s hard work dedication perseverance it all pays off maybe this weird nasty suite we’re dreaming with our beautiful rose petal sheets now let’s go let’s go get some food last night put it big Dracula infamous creepy gothic like one handy tonight cubby final night we’re back in the old town we couldn’t end our two-week trip with sleeping on rose petals.

So we decided to come back to Old Town we’re gonna get some dinner maybe a drink definitely a drink those are some big old wabbits guys it’s the final beer two weeks in a bit amazing time new doc thank you sir all right guys it is like 2:00 in the morning if you can tell. I need sleep it’s time good half connect guys, and let’s get lost again tomorrow fun of the day.

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