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So this attic turned out to be awesome, and we don’t want to leave it which sounds funny. But we love it here, and unfortunately the hostels totally booked.

So now we have to move on to another hostel which everything in town is fully booked except for this place we’re going to which has a ton of vacancy which is a little scary you never know what you got till it’s gone on the Romanian road again travel responsibly travel with fine okay that’s a loves all right just chasing playing the chase oh geez madam Sam you can step out of D here we are rolling stone hustle you like. I’m going it’s like Count Olaf says hello all right keep this in mind not noise after after 11:00 p.m.

Just checked into the rolling stone hostel, and it’s surprisingly nice a little bit too homey it got really old furniture no blankets dusted up right not a big fan of. But location wise this is like one minute walk with a nice little city square here. But it’s not central now we are heading to count shockula’s castle also known as brands they have a pigeon bath here like they’re pretty much inviting pigeons into the city what are they doing.

I don’t think this would go through in Vancouver the security guys filling it back up it’s like up time to rotate the pigeon water clearly we’re more of the locals live like there’s not as many tourists here. I’ve really seen any tourists. But right here is a beautiful Romanian church.

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I’ve been very impressed with the architecture here in Romania. I don’t know what. I expected.

But this is kind of surpassing what. I had in mind Pokemon Pokemon another dog all aboard. I felt like a sudden realization that it’s just.

So crazy that Here. I am with like two my best friends traveling Romania we it talks about Romania for how many of the years now we’d like we joked about we going to Romania like. I think it was literally an ongoing joke, and here we are it actually came to fruition in the transit system bunch of Romanians oh that’s a life spell you know you got to actually take those opportunities don’t just talk about it make it a reality the only tweet about it be about gold is good yeah exactly – again an act of kindness by a nice Romanian bus driver we were like gonna stay on the bus, and go way down the line.

But luckily he stopped knocked on the window like inform us that our stop was here, and he’s pointed us in the right direction hey boys where are we can. We’ve been talking about like World War two, and like Hitler, and all this really interesting stuff in the past hour supposedly in the First World War the Russian army it was three soldiers for everyone got. So pretty much people would go out someone dies pick up the next gun, and go for it that’s how it was it apparently it still prepared.

So underfunded that’s. So crazy all right guys we have arrived right there its brands Castle why this castle is. So famous.

Because it looks really cool, and secondly. Because Count Chocula or also known as Dracula also known as Vladimir the Impaler apparently this was one of his summer homes. So, I’ll give you more information on that.

But if you don’t know there’s actually a story behind Dracula Dracula is actually a prolific murderer torturer he like impaled people that’s why. I was called bloody Impaler, and joy gagged in here yeah sign up she has a book round okay yeah how many Dracula should be do you that’s spooky gonna be totally honest we have been told multiple times that if you go to Dracula’s castle you will not have any fun you’ll be miserable, and this is why this is the lineup just to get in. So like.

I can’t see with the castle. I’m sure the lineup goes way down there. But we were told like it’s back-to-back people inside the castle can’t really see anything it’s such a huge lineup wouldn’t be a castle unless you got the shirt here we we’re thinking Dracula died Count Chocula oh wow Dracula’s castles under construction innovation is ready into the secret chamber spooky very Calvin you.

I got to suck your blood is Dracula’s infants device Count Chocula us why did you write that down Jim is it. Because you know. I love Count Chocula.

I’ve come trakula hit me – starting this time see baby shit love reading you already know you already know it’s time you fight its circular we found them yeah these entities Dracula’s Katja is my head to the sky my feet on the ground my fingers to the judge you’ve done it all then. I was wrong no. I won’t cause No money is the motivation facing the avenue back then

I mean don’t seek, and you will find all stairways lead to the gift shop oh yes Vlad the wine Vlad the gun yeah each other. I make the best of it it’s pretty basic just like white walls has nothing to do with Dracula there’s basically nothing tying ocula to this place officially. But it looks like it could be Dracula’s.

And I guess the movie might be loosely based on this place. But literally Dracula Vlad the Impaler it’s unlikely that he’s been here before yeah finessin gamer car swerve off you know me they call me Birdman jr. anybody this is a very common thing in Romania people just Park all over the sidewalks like pedestrians are secondary.

So we’ll take the road it’s all good when in Romania do as little minions do get lost we’re lost we have no idea where we got dropped off like we’re all just like it oblivious like we just like we’re talking, and chatting, and not paying attention to our surroundings. And I’m gonna remember how to get back to where the busses drop off. So we’re in a taxi we’re heading back to brush off, and give me a pretty similar price by taking the taxi.

So it’s all good son where are we you know we’re lost off again our cab drivers not from the area. So he dropped us off the side of the road. Because there’s no idea where we are but.

I think we’re kind of close Oh God for London about June oh yeah Phil is luxury we’re going real fast that was. So funny we’re like kid in this cab the guy’s flooring it like we were going 85 kilometers an hour in like single lane traffic with like cars parked on the sidewalks like people going through crosswalks we’re hitting speed bumps of it. But we made it thank you very much that’s like on my driver yeah right right a tie game first you’re last yeah Matt what are we doing right now we’re last we are about to hike up.

I don’t know if we’re gonna make it in time like it’s pretty late. We’ve only got about an hour worth of sunlight, and it’s slightly raining the brush off side we’re hiking up to that this year is brush off look how beautiful it is classical structure. So beautiful oh we’re lost where are we some Mountain concentrating.

I have no idea this actually looks like that movie with the Leonardo Leonardo DiCaprio, and he’s in the insanity work shadow what’s cold shutter island’ it’s straight up abandoned oh ho that is. So scary oh that’s creepy Oh all right. So the reason we hiked up here is to fly the drone also just like hangout.

But it’s getting really dark really fast, and there’s two paths this one, and that one. I don’t know which one to take what do you think’s done you. So we came all the way up to the top to fly the drone that didn’t work out a storm came out of nowhere like it just walks you didn’t come out of nowhere we saw a big storm cloud.

But it counted, and like we had nowhere to hide. I couldn’t put my camera away. So he has like run back down the hill.

I’ve got like my waterproof shield on top of the bag but I didn’t have my camera disassembled it was such a mess there was a little covering over there. So I managed to put my camera in the bag this is like such a cool experience.

I just wish. I had the extra few minutes to have flown my drone that viewpoint just an unbelievable vista of transylvania we will be back here tomorrow morning you guys we have like 20 minutes until Dracula comes out the Sun setting like a current coming down the mountain with us oh holy crap let’s not get lost right now boys. I don’t love to get eaten by Dracula oh he the thunder dude see we’re going the wrong way we’re going the wrong way boys down here we went for a ride there totally slipped down.

I don’t know why too dark for the GoPro this is insane we got to get down half an hour left of the hike. I think Oh. And I think we have about five minutes of sunlight oh we got you down dude you gotta get down sigh just wiped out.

So hard. So did. I that was the closest.

I’ve ever been to lightning thank God good see civilization sign literally you Joe yeah. I saw that this has been one of the craziest things in my entire life like that one lightning bolt. I kid you not Drock it was.

So bright like. I couldn’t see for a second it was everything was white, and then within half maybe even a quarter second like full-on like yeah, and my lightning all around us gulps um there’s a massive flash. I couldn’t see anything ever black everything was whited out in my eyes, and within to a quarter second strike explosion.

I’ve ever heard it was madness. I look back Stein literally hit the deck he was face for sliding down the hill sighs oh. I thought we’re gonna oh my gosh this has been an ordeal one for the books though right no mania mania get ready to rumble 2018, and now there’s a cemetery like blood is definitely coming.

So creepy it’s so eerie here right now once you set your mood you can see there’s the sign we were looking for there’s a the brasov sign hold it up boys are back in town we’re getting some dinner we just cleaned up dried off, and it feels. So good the rain has temporarily stopped my heart is still like racing pretty quick like.

I just feel you do you guys feel like really good, and accomplished right now yeah like. I feel like after. I went bungee jumping like just like it’s such a nice comedown from being.

So like adrenaline high. I was just telling the guys that experience we had up on the mountain overlooking Transylvania definitely not a traditional one not how we envisioned it things went. So off plan, and some would even probably say things went wrong.

But the experience we just had is one that. I will remember for the rest of my life it’s literally one for the books such an amazing experience today has been a really good day. I’m gonna go get some food yeah.

I thought you got a stew said you got now that looks really good this is cool all right guys it is the end of the blog. I’m going to bed just about now have a good night let’s get lost again conclude its in please okay normally. I say tomorrow then you cover the camera tomorrow the day.

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