Where is Daegu Korea, South? – Daegu Korea, South Map – Map of Daegu Korea, South

We are again in an era of massive, uncontrolled Daegu Korea, South (and pretty much uncontrollable) change, with all the dangers that implies. The combination of globalisation, automation and disruptive technologies is having major, unintended social Daegu Korea, South and economic consequences. Superimposed on that are the linked disasters of ever-increasing inequity, global overpopulation and climate change. Captive to unimaginative (or delusional) leadership and immensely powerful vested interests, Daegu Korea, South many national governments seem incapable of acknowledging that there are problems that must, and can be addressed. The lesson that the Berlin experience from 1932 to 1945 (extending to 1989 in the East) provides is that, whether from the political left or right, people can be persuaded (or forced) to embrace simplistic, regressive authoritarian narratives that ignore the underlying realities and, in the longer term, Daegu Korea, South only compound the problems.

Where is Daegu Korea, South? – Daegu Korea, South Map – Map of Daegu Korea, South Photo Gallery

Most thinking human beings accept Thomas Jefferson’s vision that ‘Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty’. Each and every one of us now has the potential for a public voice in a way that, even a decade ago, would have seemed unthinkable. Both social media and sites like YouTube allow us to raise awareness and to highlight good content where we find it. Anyone who cares to make the effort can comment, disseminate reliable information and, hopefully, help breach those walls of distraction and deceit that are intended to both divide and to conceal issues of vital importance. There has never been greater opportunity for individuals of goodwill to be politically active and to make their voices heard. Even so, as was so clearly demonstrated by the disastrous outcome of the 2016 US presidential election, that in no way diminishes the need for everyone to register and vote in (particularly) national elections.

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