This isn’t Thailand guys this is what it looks like a 9:15 here in Estonia it is finally light out like it took till about nine o’clock for the Sun start rising yeah the days are just extremely short during the season here in Estonia the Sun sets by 4:30 it puts pressure on us to get a lot done in a very short timeframe.

But what we ready sprocket holes where we going now guys guys check out this old castle just sitting on the hill here obviously it used to be a defensive structure probably against the Russians don’t think it worked out very well it’s so cold guys. I think.

I just found a new spot for Junction Cody to come explore the castle right here has been owned by Russia Sweden, and Poland. So basically there’s been like constant battle to keep it, and it was built century, and it was pretty much destroyed like you see now in the 16th century when polish Swedish again goes back to showing Estonia basically has been a country that’s been constantly occupied by other nations that’s one of the artifacts to show it. So right now it’s only actually minus two outside which isn’t like terrible.

But with the windshield it gets a lot colder, and our cameras keep dying like fully charged cameras we’ll be dead in five minutes you stop to heat up the battery cuz it the power again is pretty standard right it’s not that cold like okay this little city looks. So Russian this place we are like pretty much in Russia this is a mining museum right behind me, and that village we were just coming through it was basically like the most Russian thing. I’ve ever seen like when.

ESTONIA 4X4 SAFARI Photo Gallery

I think of like communism, and Russia that’s just it like square buildings like the paint’s kind of falling off of it had its own really strange beauty to it. But yeah we are actually 40 kilometers away from the Russian border. So it kind of makes sense guys this is a blood meal grills this is Bell grills Russian cousin.

I am currently in the middle of Russia this Iberian cold is not even facing me. Because I grew up here what’s a good Russian name this is Natasha my failed of Russian the Wi-Fi her fault she’s probably the most beautiful of all my wives but. I’m not quite sure they’ve got the couple cuties you actually look like you could be like a Russian pilgrim look we just need a hot ski, and then we can have a family photo all right guys.

So the reason. We’ve come all the way over here zees hello how are you do a spell with a k’ yeah mine spells ch his name is Christian as well. I will be your guide we’re having a safari all aboard the Safari tack.

So yeah this thing is raised all right let’s do it yeah this morning was a gentleman in the German 90 touches it was used to extract oil money okay yeah this is how you get around Estonia fry to go on sideways. I don’t think we’re gonna make it nice knowing you all it goes in here. I believe in us.

I hope it’s not his first day on the job it’s straight you got it we’re up on the hill now good driving put the mirror back on, and we’re good to go okay. So that massive hill we just came up has a reason it’s actually kind of like a man-made hill, and it was used to repair a machine a machine that has cleared out this entire valley this is an open mind or it used to be, and, I’ll show you the machine that did it look at this thing guys this is basically like a Walmart on tank tracks like this thing is massive it was using the same amount of electricity as a village that would power for 10,000 people. And So every time they had to start the machine the entire village electricity went out, and basically it was very controversial they stopped using it.

Because it was. So expensive to power it, and now it’s just sitting in a scrapyard. I mean look how big it is, I’ll give you guys some scale here’s my hand it’s like a Transformers kind of thing you know it just cleared out this entire area.

So how often do you crash Christian not dolphin not often that’s good good enough for me there’s a frozen over Lake the post can’t really show off the kind of crazy driving we’re doing he’s doing he like rips it around the side of these like really tight corners, and then at the other end is like a cliff like you better get that turn otherwise you’re in for a rough day cuz like you’d be going off stuff like this beautiful really really cool experience. So far how you doing Natasha right here. So they take that, and they crush it up yes the question burn burn it.

So they can get electricity. So 1.3 kilograms of rock is one kilowatt it’s gonna catch fire SiC blaze it, and that’s what’s middle Boop.

I might slide my way down there. So you said it’s eight degrees in there why is it. So warm you can see underground water is flowing out yeah.

I see that yes. So I actually thought it’d be colder underground. But apparently in the underground mines it’s like eight degrees whereas it’s like minus five here.

And So the water that’s being flushed out from the underground mines is like about eight degree temperature. So the water here is actually relatively warm more you learn the more you earn could be filled on addiction we just like went up a straight up snowbank Sophie believers Wow just goes down the shield from that underground mining going ah yeah. So this mountain right here is actually all limestone, and it’s basically the effect of open mining.

So this is where they kind of emptied all the excess rock. So Christian just told me that every single little rock in this mountain has passed through a woman’s hand whether it’s shield will or whether it was limestone was decided by a woman who was sifting through all of it nope. I’m glad.

I’m not on that side cuz the stony is very flat. So those mountains you see in the distance. But you can’t really see on the camera.

But those are all the exact same as this kind of mountain here, and we’re back thank you very much it’s a pleasure yeah it’s a lot of fun just been giving these really thick reflective green jackets we’re going down into the mind this isn’t how a mind works how much higher up this is mine wait a second this isn’t our mine. So the raw materials would come up this conveyor belt come here get grinded up, and basically down there they’d sort it from the limestone, and the oil sand safety first well here’s the mind guys the beginning of it, and it’s a lot warmer in here. So we’re taking this little logging road right now into a bog, and the front of the cars getting munched away by the snow here.

Because it’s so low quick just getting rekt Toyota Corolla for the win right now we are in honza’s kind of niche this is what he likes to do he likes come out to the bog here, and do his wildlife photography yeah have you been to this bog, and that’s why. I’m excited.

Because I like to explore new places for those who don’t know about is a wetland. And So right now we’re balancing on these like wooden beams basically right above the wetland some of it’s frozen over some of its not, and with the snow cover it’s really hard to tell where is water where is not. So you need to be careful.

So there’s parently like urban legends that people have fallen in the bog, and like have drowned in it didn’t etosha she fell inside the book. But she got out be careful not to fall inside the book be very careful. Because once you fall inside the book you never come back it’s nothing it’s just it’s water underneath us.

So don’t fall Natasha you are acrobat you’ve got gold medal see Rio Olympics took a few steroids what you win it’s about 345 right now, and look how dark it is actually shows up quite bright on the camera. But it’s like about 15 minutes away from being complete pitch-black outside. I can’t get over how short the days are here whoo this just like a teeter-totter with don’t dinner we have got here in Tartu, and Tartu is the city we’re gonna be staying in it’s the city that.

I’m speaking in, and yeah it took us like an hour, and a half to get here through some pretty sketch roads. But we made it pretty much saying goodbye to these guys for now. But we’re gonna see you guys at startup the event yeah in two days from now see you later hey thank you.

So much yeah oh you guys are so awesome it’s so nice meeting you, and guys all their stuff is linked down below if you want see their instagrams or whatever it’s all linked so.

We’ve just left our hotel, and check this out guys it’s absolutely beautiful this year is like the city centre of Tartu Christmas tree that there is the city hall guys if you made it this far please leave it a big thumbs up. I’ve mentioned it before. But it’s actually more important now to leave a thumbs up than ever before my blog is always changing the algorithms, and right now it’s emphasizing engagement that means comments that means thumbs ups that means hitting that little Bell button everything you do is really helping me as a creator it’s a shame that my blog has made this change.

Because I would rather just put out content, and not have to hassle people. But guys you really are helping me out. And I do want to set a target.

I want to set a lofty goal to every blog we hit at minimum 1000 likes today it’s been a good blog let’s hit a thousand likes please guys you really helped me out that at the end of my tangent you won’t hear the thumbs-up tangent – too often. I swear. But guys have a good night let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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