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Walk back up from Dayton the overlook and turn right for the loop moving down a short series of narrow switchbacks after a brief traverse around a little alcove. Then traverse a few feet before descending more than a dozen steeper tight switchbacks NNW with great views into the canyon and the trail below with its many steel bridges. The trail eases to the signed juncture with the spur trail. Take Dayton it to the right over gravel more than 5 mi to the end with a gradual gain up the beautiful and slender rocky canyon with 12 grated metal bridges (bad for dogs) and a babbling green brook Dayton (unless dry) to match the blue-green rock around it. There Dayton are even informative dinosaur fossil replica displays scattered about. Enjoy the wonderful setting from the end near a bench and respect closed areas while returning down. Finish more than 5 mi NW without difficulty from the end of the loop to the TH.

Where is Dayton? | Dayton Map | Map of Dayton Photo Gallery

From Red Hill TH for Red Scar Knoll (1/2 mi round-trip) in Painted Hills Unit begin SSE on Red Hill Trail in the flats (just W of a bright red cone with white and gold becoming more prominent to the end) on the established path. The route ends up at a sign reminding you to proceed no farther. Return the same way.

From Painted Cove TH on an adorable little counterclockwise loop, begin the less than 5 mi walk SW from the parking square on the wide Painted Cove Trail opposite the boardwalk (left) that is the end of the loop. Easily walk W of a long, red hill turning sharply left up to the S end of the mound. At a clear juncture take the brief spur to the right less than 100 ft curving up to the best viewpoint on the walk that many people miss. See the entire bright red and gold knoll, the boardwalk, and Painted Hills Reservoir. Walk down to the more level boardwalk for a close-up view between red mounds and finish with more gold mixing in toward the TH.

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