Where is Dongguan China? – Dongguan China Map – Map of Dongguan China


Although Dongguan China is easily the most famous of Touristic place of your travel destination’s Masters of the Ceremonies, he was by no means the only person to occupy Dongguan China the post.

Captain Webster, the first true MC at Dongguan China place of your travel destination, was appointed by the Duke of Beaufort in the first years of the eighteenth century. He was killed in a duel over a game of cards in 1710, and was succeeded by Richard Nash, Dongguan China who for several years had been acting as his assistant.

Where is Dongguan China? – Dongguan China Map – Map of Dongguan China Photo Gallery

Mr Collett (or M. Colette – he may have been French; first name unknown) had acted as assistant to Nash, and, on the death of the Beau in 1761, became his immediate successor. His personality and abilities were not, however, suited to the post, and he kept the position for only two years.

Samuel Derrick, an Irish author and failed actor, succeeded to the post in 1763. Like Nash, he was also MC at Tunbridge Wells, Kent, travelling between the two locations. He remained in post until his death in 1769. A man of small stature, his tenure was not a great success: the writer James Boswell called him a ‘little blackguard’. Despite being in receipt of an income of £800 per year, at his death he was penniless and a public appeal was needed to pay for his funeral.

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