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Use Multiple Online Travel Websites

Travel websites that compare the prices of the top airlines do not always include all of your options. Some of the most popular travel sites will not include details of specific airlines. So, if you want to compare all your options, you need to use multiple travel websites.

Some of these sites have deals or endorsements with major airlines. So, the results can be skewed in favor of a specific airline. So, just like comparing airline prices you should compare prices available through multiple travel websites.

Another secret that you may not be aware of is that you should browse these travel sites incognito. This means using a private browsing session while looking at the travel sites.

Some of these sites will increase prices when a particular flight has been searched multiple times. They are trying to scare you into booking a flight now. Entering a private browsing session prevents the website from storing cookies on your browser to track your visits to their website.

Wait Until the Last Minute to Book Your Flight

If you are traveling alone, then perhaps the exact date of your trip does not matter. Consider waiting until the last minute to book your flight. Keep the travel sites open and check for prices the day before your intended trip.

Flights that are not already fully booked will offer discounted seats to fill up the flight. Though, you also run the risk of all the flights being booked.

#7 Remain Flexible While Planning Your Trip

The final secret to booking cheap flights is to remain flexible. This means considering different travel options. You may consider booking two separate one-way trips from different airlines, changing your travel date, or traveling to a different location.

If you are flexible, you can typically get a cheap flight. Instead of traveling to your actual destination, you may find a cheaper flight to a nearby town or city. The same applies to theairport that you fly out of. Also, consider one-stop flights that do not make any stops or the opposite.

Basically, if you are flexible, you have a lot more options, which will almost guarantee that you get cheap flight tickets.

Before you contact an airline and book a flight, you should slow down and do some planning. Do not surpass your travel budget. Use these 7 secrets to booking the cheapest flight possible. You may find yourself saving several hundred dollars.

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