Welcome to day three here in cocoon, and right now we are doing. So nevas rainforest or so.

We’ve just been dropped off here by a lovely driver, and our guide is going to be taking us into the bowels of a rainforest. I’ve been waiting to use that word. I was going to be robonyan tears you just said that if you see a big tree like this the Thai people believe there’s a spirit inside of it, and they still come cut it no cannot.

So right here is a Roma seal which is actually a tree that inspired the movie Avatar. So you’ll see Avatar think that’s a crazy-looking tree, and it came from this tree right here, and you’ll see actually around it you have things that look like vines. But they’re actually other trees that have grown up around them, and actually started to wrap around the realm of SIA, and the tight army is the one that defends these trees.

Because they’re so desired they’re extremely strong for building materials it’s the Army’s responsibility to protect them from people trying to come, and cut them down essentially, and right here you can see that to protect the tree they actually cut the surrounding trees down. So this one had wrapped around it.

And So they actually cut the tree from the bottom but. Because these are pretty much like vines it started to grow back downward these trees are indestructible more you learn the more you earn. So if you’re wondering yes.

I’ve been sleeping in the forest in the last week that’s why. I look like this this is a pineapple plant. I didn’t realize pineapples actually grew from the ground.

I thought they were hanging from trees for some reason right then that’s the jacket tree back after the rainforest tour we’re back at. So never resort, and we’re actually getting their sustainability tour right now a lot of the stuff they actually grow here. So that got limes they use in the kitchen over here they’ve got a nursery to grow all the plants that are decorated around the resort it doesn’t taste good this is good sweet troyler nominator flower it’s weird thinking of eating a flower it’s actually it’s life’s good well doesn’t it locate it’s red it gets hot controlling insects on me yes Holly he’s a male.

Because he’s red. So I mean he’s a brown is a passenger this cute this is like one of my favorite fruits that. I’ve never had until now it kind of looks gross.

Because you’ve got all these weird-looking seeds on marwari this mobile reason you always hear people preaching like sustainability sustainability but. I’ve never seen sustainability in practice, and then you come here, and you see how they have the sprawling piece of land, and they’re actually doing every step that they can to minimize their footprints on the area on the island it’s really cool makes you wonder though like you know could this be done on a larger scale for all businesses definitely an interesting thought this is a road Apple. I’ve never seen one before.

I think most of us regular Apple 2 are you Lauren eyes laundry situation is pretty grim it’s not like is it clean or dirty it’s like a different level ‘no sub dirty like you’ve got dirty like. I’ve worn it once you’ve got dirty like. I wore it twice, and then you’ve got dirty like.

I just went through a tropical rainforest, and it’s soaking wet that’s like if you were put it on the Richter scale like that’s like a seven magnitude of dirtiness, and that’s pretty close to my entire wardrobe at the moment the places we’re in the laundry can be quite expensive. And So we keep waiting, and waiting to try, and find that cheap laundry place we’re still looking we’re going to lunch move it or lose it sister. I want to take this class making PSA always drive safely always look straight ahead, and keep both hands on the wheel at all times at all times.

I don’t like this always. So right now we are at the 6/10 spa which is like their signature spa, and right now we’re going for a full-body massage going to test out the treatments. And I’m really excited it’s.


So relaxing. I’m so relaxed right now chug chug yeah come on you lost the bet chug chug chug.

So I said to Abby’s like if. I roll a 5 yes drink your entire bottle of water in one chug, and she’s like okay fine, and of course hit the 5, and then she’s like you must be up to like the magic like what are the odds. And I’m like well the odds are exactly what it takes if one of those things in the plenty of the time.

So now we are off to check out one thing that we have yet to see, and that is the North Beach here just off the coast of. So never actually it’s still part of San Eva’s Beach. But you have to take a boat to get there.

So we’re going to their jetty. And I assume someone’s just going to be there to drive us we’ll check it out tonight this right here is the North Beach of synneve absolutely pristine this is the most beautiful beach. I’ve ever seen in my entire life hands down granted it’s also not the most natural Beach of everything this place is definitely groomed you can tell that there’s not a single piece of garbage there’s not a single piece of foliage that’s been left around they keep this place in tip-top condition.

But purely from an aesthetic point of view this is the premium Beach you cannot beat this this is just unbelievable. So they actually serve lunch on the side. But it stops up to 3:30.

So they just brought us Pad Thai from the mainland, and let’s go eat it’s official the turkeys are in paradise they actually stopped serving lunch after 3:30. But they were. So kind they brought it all the way back from the mainland so.

We’ve now got a couple servings of pad thai in the most beautiful place were favorite types all right. So I found this crab running across the beach. I chased it it like buried itself.

And So I was like what better joke to play on that crab then build an arena around the crab. So I crab sleeping right here well it’s hiding right here. And I’m curious what it’s going to do when.

I let it out, and it’s like. I’m in an arena right now Oh maybe the dream know anything it don’t have a face in a vein hey you guys on all day all this miscommunication, I’ll miss you negation, I’ll be spent on everything except what is communication. I let you take the seats you.

Because leave me Mom all the guys all your bars will make me feel beyond a boat you know that bank to know where the boat went. I think we might be the last ones on the island Chris like Lima grown down there hanging out, and next thing you know both the drives back to the mainland has disappeared. I don’t see anyone here there’s not the worst place you could possibly get static we were fitting into the lava dying on an island what are we doing now learn.

So we are going to stop the boats back to the neighbor, and we’re going to go for a really cool dinner you guys yeah. I’m really excited about the next minute we just arrived at Ben’s restaurant this year is like a world-renowned restaurant like it’s one of the coolest things. Because it’s still part of.

So nevas ground. But you actually take a boat around to get here, and this is a spot to go for sunsets, and for a really classy dinner just being on this boat, and everything it’s just feel. So surreal to be here it’s crazy.

We’ve arrived at bend, and they have a menu for water they’ve got sparkling it’s just regular water, and they’ve also got these like very interesting healing bling besides you have a fit in the phlegm water. Because rock crystal red jasper, and Magnus Magnusson. I was supposed to increase my metabolism, and my fitness levels.

But then they have ones that are like inner healing, and wellness, and $15 glass of water. So let’s try out bright Remington roll coconut peanut cheer not ginger Chili’s, and lamb. So the first we make the prompt you just make them leave like this in here, and then put anything you like spicy yeah.

I like a little bit of spicy not too spicy yeah your favorite well, and you eat the leaf as well okay you do know that’s how they do their water here if you order the specialty water. So this is a handmade piece of glass with different crystals, and rocks inside of it, and this is going to help me with my fitness why am. I the Abby just tried it that’s where Abby’s ended up.

So we’re having some truly authentic sides here this year is crispy rice with some chopped chicken sauce you put it on top, and then over there you got a local Thai salad with some rare flowers that are found on this island we have walked read feedback, and concern, and Kerry right there this is a dinner to remember lastly an amazing tide is there. We’ve got a fresh fruit platter here. We’ve got some tapioca with some sort of stuff inside of it we’re going in there the observatory has just opened, and the moon tonight is not even real it’s.

So bright first, I’ll show you only, and next, I’ll show you tuition this entire room actually spins around this little track here that you can Commission it to look at whatever pollute system or planet you’re wanting it’s shocking how well to show them.

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