Hey from beautiful Bangkok Thailand.

I woke up this morning freezing. I left my air conditioning on all night. And So I slammed the doors open, and it is probably like 20 degrees outside today we’re going to a big pool party.

So when I used to live here every month there was this one pool party called the Sofitel pool party, and basically all the exchange students would get together, and like meet up at the pool around like two ish, and then you’d have a few drinks you’d hang out by the pool, and then around 9 or 10 p.m.

You’d go out after to like kelps on road or to a club or something. And So that’s the plan for today Havana’s 23 birthday was like three days ago or something. And So for her this is her birthday celebration.

So, I’ll meet some of her friends, and yeah that’s the plan for today the internet here is total rubbish. So I’m going to head to my old school where. I used to study the internet speed there is unreal it’ll upload my post in like five minute well it was good to revisit for nostalgia sake.

I’m gonna miss this place. I’m gonna stay in a hostel tonight. I believe.

I actually had a hostel owner contact me offering for me to come check out a hostel. So I might do that it’s near Kells on Road which is a big backpackers area see you later. I missed this heat is so nice out all right probably wondering who the guy was in front of a well this is Thailand he needed a ride. I never thought. I couldn’t do that again.

So good oh that felt. So so good he just dropped me off. And I’m like how much is it, and like.

I used to live here. So I know the rough price, and he’s like Oh 100. I was like isn’t it 60 he’s like 60 okay.

So I got dropped off is actually Chulalongkorn University, and this is where. I studied, and just over there is where we’d get lunch hello could. I guess, and that’s all thank you.


So this was a dollar fifty this was a dollar, and in Thailand they don’t use knives they just use forks, and spoons oh that was. So good like an amazing meal for like two, and a half dollars. I never understood that.

So this is like right outside of the cafeteria there’s workout equipment like hands down some of the most useless workout equipment. And I’ve never in my life seen anyone using it this is Chulalongkorn, and it’s like right downtown Bangkok like it’s pretty incredible actually they have a huge plot of land in the center of Bangkok, and they keep the grounds really really well everything’s. So green it’s definitely where Thailand’s richest send their kids to go to school Chulalongkorn is apparently like hands-down the best school that’s a university in all of Southeast Asia.

So annoying. So I’ve been trying to get into the Wi-Fi here at my old school. Because like.

I said it’s like lightning quick. And I could upload my post in like under 10 minutes. I can’t get into the Wi-Fi because.

I’m not officially a student anymore. So my old username, and password don’t work. I went to the BBA office, and they like couldn’t help me.

So bit frustrating. I’m going to go to a coffee shop. But hopefully the upload speed is quick.

Because I do not want to wait around in a coffee shop for an hour while this thing uploads. I am in true cafe getting my phone all set up. So true is a phone provider as well as the cafe my phone plan will cost me about $25.

But it’s the best one they have. So I’m just getting my phone set up, and this is Mika you can. I had class together.

And So here. I am in Bangkok, and see familiar faces. So so funny.

I think yeah like literally. I just like climbing. I thought familiar is a good hop in a Bangkok.

But she works with this magazine here group guru. So I might be featured we’ll see all right there are not enough hours in a day. I just spent the last three hours editing.

I even scheduled the post to be posted in about four, and a half hours. So that’s great get that off my back. I don’t have to worry about that tomorrow, and yeah now.

I’m heading to the pool party is already almost six o’clock. So I’m running a little bit behind for tonight, I’ll actually be staying at a hostel. So like.

I mentioned earlier hostel owner contacted me. Because he saw my how to travel Thailand post, and he’s offered me two nights stay at his place, and got really good reviews online. So I’m going to check it out it’s called the warm white hostel.

And I’m heading to the pool party now thank you have a good day beautiful sunny as always in Bangkok just right there is a temple on the other side of the road, and behind this mall is the school. I went to Chulalongkorn is right behind all right just got back in under 15 minutes, and all for the cost of like a dollar fifty u.s.

It’s. So cheap in Thailand. I love it here that’s door-to-door service we like to the sidewalk with his scooter we’re like peering around people who are on foot with our scooter we are inside the Sofitel, and the Sofitel is like this really bomb-ass Hotel in Bangkok.

So every month we used to come to this party, and you know it’s a bit overrated. But it’s super fun prettiest the object to be here. I remember this guy he’s still here going up it’s only 9 o’clock.

We’ve already left the pool party, and we’re in 7-eleven time to get a drink 55 baht this is about $2 Canadian a dollar 50 dollar 75 us alright guys. So this is like probably like three blocks away from none see where. I used to live, and right there, and right there is where.

I used to get street food pretty much like three days a week four days of the week is like two to three dollars for a full meal, and it was. So so good you get chicken rice a bit of spice, and broth that’s all you needed that’s not get hit by taxi happy birthday Ivana yeah this is the same cat that used to hang out here when I was here like a year ago you’re still alive.

But soon man we just left that cocktail bar, and now we’re going into this club all right. So tonight we went for cocktails to celebrate Yavanas birthday, and then afterwards we went to the club, and the club is just up there. I came outside.

I’m really not into music, and my ears are starting to hurt. I think. I’m gonna head out pretty soon it’s only two o’clock but.

I’m exhausted okay. So guys that police truck right there has all these prostitutes loaded in the back. I guess they’ve arrested these girls kind of ironic being arrested in Bangkok.

But here they go despite its prevalence in Bangkok prostitution is actually illegal. So technically the police could arrest those women in which case they did tonight they picked up like 15 of them, and put them in the back of a pickup truck it’s kind of an unusual scene in Bangkok. But there you have it we’re just getting some Arab food, and after that going back at the end of the night pretty much would you like to my post okay no that’s not family-friendly whatsoever we’re going down Arab Street lots of Arabic food lots of Arabic stuff.

I don’t really know we went to an Arabic restaurant bar Club they actually had a club attached to the restaurant it’s pretty sketchy area. But anyways that’s our a night finish off. I’m taking a cab now to my hostel.

And I didn’t eat the bed it’s like 3:00 in the morning. I’m leaving Nancy right now. I am.

I get one before that’s now yes traveling Thailand making posts oh yes Chula. I study there uh daddy one year ago what yeah boy. I graduate.

I’m done now long time yeah all right. I just got dropped off, and despite the language barrier really really good conversation with my cab driver such a nice guy tried to explain what. I did.

And I think he kinda understood what my blog was. So I think he understood it. But yeah he was telling me how basically he wants to learn English she didn’t say a word for word.

But you know, and broken broken English she’s basically telling me how he doesn’t have money to travel he’s never left Bangkok he was telling me how he wants to learn English. But learning takes money, and he’s not rich man is what he was saying basically. So you know a really good conversation really nice guy.

I was asking him – how much he works he was saying that he works seven days a week except for two days a month he’ll take off, and he works generally 10 to 12 hours a day. So that goes to show you know like the average Thai person is working tons, and tons of hours just to get by definitely really interesting to see how the rest of the world lives hey guys. So this is the hostel that.

I’m staying out tonight warm white hostel everyone is definitely asleep. I’m gonna keep my mouth shut this is the end of the blog it’s like 3:00 in the morning. And I can’t hear a thing a hostel.

So they assume everyone’s sleeping. I will see you guys in a little bit.

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