Where is Rawalpindi Pakistan? | Rawalpindi Pakistan Map | Map of Rawalpindi Pakistan

ROUTE: Begin on the wide, and sometimes rocky, Rawalpindi Pakistan Creek Trail 3429 after filling out a free self-issue Rawalpindi Pakistan Permit. Work easily NE up 5 nicely graded switchbacks through large old growth Doug fir 1/2 mi to a ridgeline intersection where you follow the sign to the right. Traverse SE without any difficulty as views of Mount Rawalpindi Pakistan  improve at every glimpse; descend a bit before crossing a solid bridge over Rawalpindi Pakistan . Work up 4 quick steeper switchbacks to the juncture with PCT 2000 at around 4 mi and 1V hours from the TH. Continue left on the PCT over smaller branches of Whitewater Creek through the thinning woods with wildflowers appearing almost a mile to the wide-open Jefferson Park plateau.

Where is Rawalpindi Pakistan? | Rawalpindi Pakistan Map | Map of Rawalpindi Pakistan Photo Gallery

At the immediate junctions you’ll have several quality options. One is to stay straight on the PCT NNE a mile farther to the good-sized Russell Lake (to investigate) en route to Park Ridge Summit. The more immediate options in Jefferson Park might entice you into bailing on Park Ridge for another day hike. For the local stroll, take one of at least two quick left-hand paths (Bays Lake Trail and Scout Lake Trail) W toward Scout, Bays, Rock, or Park Lakes. Then head left on Bays Lake Trail once past the S side of Scout Lake (Scout Lake Trail moves N around the lake, then splits to go in several directions to the other lakes) and a small pond to the even prettier Bays Lake with many great angles.

Continue longer clockwise on Bays Lake Trail around the interestingly shaped lake as the path becomes Scout Lake Trail with superb reflections of Mount Jefferson, or come back from the S side of Bays Lake briefly to walk left (N, clockwise) around Scout Lake and meet the PCT again (1 mi or less totally worthwhile excursion). Rock and Park Lakes are close, (signed) smaller, and also deserving of a side visit, especially if you are not climbing to Park Ridge (Summit) on a day hike.

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