So that took me about three hours my blogs recently have been taking me a lot more time. But they are. I would say much better.

So our plan for the day is to find something wholesome to do wholesome we don’t want to go out tonight like kind of slightly good cascade is playing, and we may have tickets we’ll see we should go now like 2:30 p.m. we’re getting out of the room finally two things first make sure this is locked, and safety first out in the real world my post is in the middle of being uploaded.

So that’s good assuming all goes well it’ll only be 500 minutes until it’s up all right we just got dropped off in section one, and it was total mess to get here. So so busy, and as. I’ve said many times Boracay is not properly developed as far as roads go.

So it was chaotic we’re in section 1, and this is generally from what. We’ve heard the more high-end hotels may be a bit quieter. But it doesn’t seem quiet right now.

So section 1 is really not any different busy almost like there’s nowhere to sit off yeah. So far section 3 where we were staying with three five seven Boracay that section of beach there is probably the by far my favorite yet. Because here it’s just like yeah you can go sit on the beach.

But there’s dozens, and dozens of people walking by every minute whereas down that side on section three you actually had a nice bit of land that was semi-private alright we finally found something that looks like a relaxing beach just a little strip. But that’s all it takes. So yeah guys.

BORACAY MAP Photo Gallery

I’m going to open up snapchat to the public. I’m going to answer any questions that. I think we’re good questions, and if.

I didn’t answer your questions questions sockets first question hi where is that place at. I don’t know what place you ask me though. I want to give a shout-out to Louie for messaging me saying you’re hot thank you good question Bow Wow.

I actually really dig the shell necklace. I might be wearing this throughout all my blogs for the next few months forever it never really has how much is it babe you loser sorry my 25 I had spicy hundred spicy. I am again for 25 pesos.

I got some spicy peanuts, and they actually have little red peppers in them. I take out the red peppers. But it leaves a nice spicy tang to them.

I’m impressed Abby’s lounging there somewhere, and she’s turning heads. I’ve seen like five guys. And I walked by her while she’s tanning, and they’ll do like the full 180 with their heads like go keep walking, and, I’ll just keep looking back almost walking two signs keep the heads greener they were doing a full bikini babe photoshoot right there like she was lying down like water washing over her it was beautiful follow her on Instagram oh, I’ll get to the bottom of it.

I solemnly swear not to miss another opportunity like that it’s time to get the gh4 out, and do some people reading slow-motion photo shooting this is some of the best people-reading yoga in all of the world. So here is people reading come to Boracay during labora con peanuts what peanuts peep KL peanuts okay a sane all right Ronnie must be near where’s Ronnie Ronnie are you running not Ronnie it’s official there is no better view, and now. I’m not talking about that every night guys amazing sunsets can’t complain what’s his name Todd it looks more like a bird which one’s Abby there you are there it goes guys just one little last slice of the Sun, and she’s gone for the night just got back from section one, and we’re back at her place maybe, I’ll just edit all night G we’re now in sectional two, and we’re going to be going to cascade tonight we’re meeting with another my thing is clogged up, and guys we are back at the promised land.

I’m learning our night up right be that the only option we’re in the exact same seat as last night thank you eating pretty much the same meal Abby said just opened this up, and it’s like it’s a mount what is it the monster energy drink made the noise. I can empty a model what opening, and every mara was celebrating McDonald’s on her own you guys know who were meeting up with right now we’re meeting with a youtuber by the demon. I think it’s song, and Sundra cannot pronounce it but, I’ll link it down below you’ll see him in effect, and he is a Filipino youtuber, and he does.

So pretty cool alright guys we’ll hear a bunch of other youtubers here from the Philippines you guys. I will link them all down below let me you guys may actually know will comment you yeah you know it’s really cool sorry someone commented on Instagram, and they’re like yo you should meet up with this other tuber Christians along. And I was like alright.

So I messaged him on Instagram, and look we’re together it’s amazing what some party is excited there’s a big concert. I counted eight is here gonna be good. So we’ll hook this up with a couple of tickets it’s funny.

Because we’re like opposite augurs likes me up just like you always homeless guys partying this guy’s just like hey man let’s all make a bow this is cool at least my blog will make it on my blog you’re the pillar head his camera keeps breaking down oh. I’m going to say that don’t forget. And I might not get sponsored yeah they’re just camera quiet around whatever reason will did not get in through our entrance.

So we’re going to meet up over here somewhere give me an update what’s happening we went into that entrance this entrance he won’t let me in. Because of my camera. But they don’t realize.

I’m here. Because of my camera because. I’m an ambassador for love because.

I’m a youtuber haters mad. So well got his camera in. But we didn’t get in with him.

So now we just go back to our other entrance we don’t just leave get a wristband is him he’s actually an ambassador for globe who’s one of the televisor know me we’ll be back in very shortly that’s not a drone it’s like a little hover plane all right guys said. I’ve been super sporadic right now we’ll. And I, and Abby are going back to wills friend’s house we’re going to get rid of his laptop.

Because well laptops don’t belong in your back when you’re partying we’re talking business it’s really cool when you meet other youtubers. Because you know everything feel like monetization – how are you finding success in my blog it’s so interesting.

Because everyone’s different stories everyone has things that they can learn from one another. So it’s great to be here, and really sorry mrs. Daniels annuals with us last night never had it but.

I love that thank you. So we are at guess key we have not listened to the music at all. And I don’t care.

We’ve had a really good night what’s up baby you okay guys word spread they know Christians travel bloggers here, and they’ve been waiting outside of the party for hours like your dry sense of humor dude my loyal fans. I’m the diehards. I love it we found our thumbnail multiple girls in bikinis dancing here we go.

I need to see your best effort all right guys we’re now getting about 20 to 50 percent more views on our post we got the broken thumbnail, and though she won this amazing night plus your meeting well yeah man tomorrow we’re going to get the throne already Pintrest not excited to take it to the skies he tubers us today hi guys oh dang let’s get off this phone ugly you don’t live with us no you’re not something take your nut ring yeah coming with us ugly don’t mercy baby my dad owns this result it is ours we own this madam.

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