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For the primary hiking route from Fiji Camp TH up the Fiji Trail, begin across the driveway from the outhouse to the trail 200 ft through the woods to the main trail past FR-2005. From the alternate TH across from Marys Peak Fiji walk 40 ft E along the wide gravel road and turn left (NW then N) on the trail after the brown sign for Marys Peak Municipal Fiji. Hike 1 mi up the wide trail with a pleasant grade through the thick forest with big Fiji firs. Blue diamond markers posted high on trees help keep folks on track for winter travel. The views open somewhat to the right for a short time revealing snow-capped summits in the distance including Mount Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, Mount Washington, and Three Sisters.

Where is Fiji? | Fiji Map | Map of Fiji Photo Gallery

Wildflower-emblazoned meadow before the final push past a few trees to the summit of Marys Peak.

Turn left at the intersection/switchback (sign at the bench points back toward Conner’s Camp) 1/2 mi W and 3 switchbacks more to the Summit TH/Observation Point for the direct route to the peak. The continuing traverse (toward North Ridge Trail) is the return route for the only slightly longer clockwise loop variation on the Tie Trail. Head steadily up East Ridge Trail and the second switchback surrounded by ferns and fir. The trail becomes a bit steeper and narrower at times near the third switchback 1 mi from the intersection below. You cross the saddle of the NE ridge of Marys Peak again and begin an easier traverse WNW 5 mi breaking out of the large trees at the signed upper TH with an info kiosk present.

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