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Most major airlines allow passengers to travel with small pets and charge from $50 to $100 one way for pets traveling in the cabin. Airlines typically limit the number of pets allowed onboard. Travelers with pets must stop at the check-in counter to show veterinary paperwork and to have the animal inspected.

Midwest Airlines’ pet-friendly approach to frequent-flier miles has enticed animal-loving air travelers. After three round trips an animal’s fourth flight is free, and human passengers can redeem their own miles to purchase trips for their pet.

NetJets (, in which fliers have partial ownership of aircraft, offers 24/7 access to veterinary advice from the University of Pennsylvania.

Park N Fly, in Ft. Lauderdale, has partnered with a local pet hotel so that customers may leave their dogs near the airport when they travel.

Accommodations at Hotels

Pets on the Go, by Dawn and Robert Habgood (Dawbert Press), lists over

20.000 hotels in the U.S. that accommodate pets. The AAA Petblog lists more than

14.000 lodgings that accommodate guests with pets. is a directory of 40,000+ properties, reviews, and photos for travelers with pets.

Pet-friendly hotels report that between 2% and 5% of guests bring animals.

Some hoteliers worry that problems associated with accommodating pets will offset the increased revenue. Among hotels that accommodate pets, however, problems and inconveniences are less than might be expected. Serious incidents like bites and irritating allergic reactions are rare; noise is the most common problem. Most hotels restrict dogs to a specific area or group of rooms; dogs may not be left unattended in guestrooms, and they are not allowed to linger in common areas. Policies for charging deposits or higher rates vary.

According to STR Global (, the following percentages of hotels, by segment, allow pets:

• Luxury: 71%

• Upper-upscale: 47%

• Upscale: 45%

• Midscale with food and beverage: 59%

• Midscale without food and beverage: 41%

• Economy: 75%

• Independent: 45%

Beyond just accommodating guests with pets, some hotels go all out with special programs to attract pet owners.

10.4 Dog-Friendly Cities

Sure Fit ( rates the following cities as most dog-friendly:

Ann Arbor, MI

• Pets are welcome to frolic in many of the city’s outdoor spaces, including the Nichols Arboretum, a large botanical garden at the University of Michigan.

Austin, TX

• Besides outdoor cafes and off-leash parks, Austin residents tout the Zilker Botanical Gardens and Congress Street bars as great places for dogs and dog-owners.

Boston, MA

• Dogs are welcome on Boston Harbor boat tours and are allowed on the subway.

Charleston, SC

• Tourists are welcome to bring their dog along on walking tours of historic Charleston

– whether it’s a daytime stroll through Magnolia Plantation or a nighttime ghost tour of the city’s haunts.

Air Travel With Dogs on US Photo Gallery

Chicago, IL

• Dogs are welcome on canine cruises at Chicago’s Navy Pier, and the city is home to a number of pet resorts and patio restaurants that welcome dogs.

Houston, TX

• Local pet lovers praise Barnaby’s Cafe, where pets aren’t just welcome, they’re given their own bowl to dine from.

New York, NY

• Between winding trails, off-leash hours, and fenced-in dog parks, New York City’s Central Park is the perfect pet hangout. Plus, pet daycare can be found in nearly every neighborhood in the city.

Portland, OR

• The Lucky Labrador restaurant chain is famously pet-friendly. Pets are also invited to visit Portland’s Rose Gardens and Saturday outdoor market.

San Francisco, CA

• The city offers plenty of pet-friendly dining, off-leash beaches, and outdoor areas. Owners can take their dog for a stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge or along on a cable-car ride.

Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA

• These neighboring cities have plenty of pet-friendly restaurants and parks.

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