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A visit to any destination is not complete without taking souvenirs and memorabilia back home. This is most especially the case for Turkey, a country with so much diversity, history and culture that spans centuries. Great empires made this land the center of the world, and almost every facet of Turkish life carries this beautifully indelible heritage.

Turkey has offered world class shopping for centuries, and people have travelled from far and wide to trade in the traditional bazaars for centuries. There are many modern and traditional goods you can buy from all over Turkey including:

Tiles, porcelain and pottery.
Carpets and Kilims.
Silk, leather and apparel.
Antiques, meerschaum and artwork.
Copper and brass
Jewelry, beads.

Turkey also offers the very best in modern shopping including the latest designer clothing, fashion accessories, and products for interior design and home furnishing.

Shopping in Turkey varies from fancy boutiques in swanky malls to covered bazaars and open air street markets. There is no better way to experience shopping than the way the Ottomans did, jostling in busy street markets and haggling for the best price.

Among all the countless bazaars and shops, these are the most famous:

The Grand Bazaar: The largest covered market in the world with over 5000 shops. It a historical marvel that has been the center of Istanbul shopping for ages. Get everything from spices, ceramics, clothing, electronics and all manner of trinkets. You may sit in the many restaurants and enjoy Turkish coffee, tea and all the best from Turkish kitchens.
The Spice Bazaar: This huge covered bazaar has been the largest market for spices since it was built in the 16th century. Get all types of herbs, condiments and flavorings and learn how to mix them as the Turks do. Do not miss the huge range of Turkish Delights, featuring all flavors, nuts, and herbs. There are numerous shops selling other items too.
Yesilkoy Carsamba: This is located at Yesilkoy Cirpici, in Istanbul. With over 2000 stands, this market has everything from glass products, clothing, and food.
Fatih Carsamba: This is one of the largest in Turkey and is located in Istanbul: there is everything from food, textiles, and flowers. It takes place on Wednesdays and has many products from many areas around Turkey.
Asagi Aryanci Pazari: This is in the capital Ankara, located on Dikmen Caddesi. It is very popular has a wide range of goods.
Guzelyali: This is a very old bazaar in Izmir. It has a huge variety of food from Turkey, especially herbs from the Aegean coast, fruits, vegetables, fish and others.
Bodrum Mazi: This bazaar in the Bodrum area is held in two villages and has handmade carpets, Kilims, and fresh vegetables and fruits.
Koza Han: This is the silk bazaar in the city of Bursa. It has been the center of the silk trade since the days of the Silk Road. Get all manner of silk products including scarves and pashminas in all styles and colors.
A Turkish visa is more than just an entry permit, it lets you into a world of beautiful sights, entertainment, luxury living and delightful shopping.

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