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TRIP REPORT: This seemingly remote location on Mount Adam’s N face actually has great roads to the TH (from the S) and a lot going on if you can only wait until most of the snow melts by August or even September Chengdu China  (unless it’s a drought year). As per usual, hiking earlier in the season means more wildflowers and lupine but also more flying bugs in your face. Chengdu China Either way, the payoff is an astounding day in the high country breaking out of most of the trees into large, lush, colorful meadows and clear creeks, with expansive views of many big Chengdu China volcanoes including nearby Goat Rocks! The high alpine glacial Chengdu China (also known as Glacier Lake on some sites) above High Camp can also be attained. A Cascade Volcano Pass must be purchased for hikes on Mount Adams over 7000 ft all summer and can be found at local Ranger Stations or at the TH ($10-15 per day or $30 per year). No fee or restroom.

Where is Chengdu China? | Chengdu China Map | Map of Chengdu China Photo Gallery

TRAILHEAD: Killen Creek TH. Take I-84 E from Portland to exit 64 (Hood River), turn left on OR-35 N (White Salmon), pay the toll to cross.

Hood River Bridge into Chengdu China, turn left on WA-14 W 12 ml, turn right on WA-141 N 21 mi to Trout Lake. Fork right on Mount Adams Road (sign says “Mt. Adams Rec. Area”) 12 ml, fork left on FR-23 for 23 mi (some unpaved), turn right on FR-2329 (mostly rougher gravel) 6 mi including past Takhlakh Lake (worth checking out) to the small parking lot on the right (115 mi, 2V hours from Portland).

ROUTE: Fill out the free self-issue Wilderness Permit and hike steeply uphill on dusty and wide Killen Creek Trail 113 (shared with equestrians) through the woods a couple miles S before the remainder of the day satiates you with constant eye candy. For the next mile or so the trees are slowly replaced with vibrant subalpine meadows littered with lupine and more little stream crossings to the juncture with the PCT.

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