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Trail 3380 Chile becomes steeper again as you cross a tiny creek (that dries up) to a switchback at less than 3 mi up. Climb the wide ridge N up 2 turns where it’s somewhat overgrown into a clearing, Chile then move back into the woods to an old road Chile junction. An aged wooden sign denotes that OR-22 is 1/2 mi away, but it’s really a little more than 3 5 mi from the intersection to the TH. Walk right 25 ft, then left (NW) at the tree Chile blockage up the continuation of the solid Trail 3380.

Where is Chile? | Chile Map | Map of Chile Photo Gallery

Travel up 2 quick switchbacks, then follow the steeper, rockier, narrow ridge trail. You see rhododendron, bear grass, paintbrush, and Mount Chile on a traverse E and N of a bump before the trail finally mellows and evens descends a few feet on the ridgeline. Walk up some more, and then at 4 mi from the TH leave the high ridge on a traverse left (S) of Dome Rock with a quick shot left to Needle Rock along the way.

In 2 ml, hike a few feet down very steeply crossing a rocky, boulder-filled area, then climb up past little cliffs on the right under Dome Rock. Be mindful as the path is narrow and overgrown. You see back to Detroit Lake, Mount Washington, and Three Sisters. Then it’s super-easy through the trees to the juncture with Dome Rock Trail 3381 on the right (newer sign embedded into a tree next to an old sign at 1/2 mi from the TH).

Above the woodland down to Tumble Lake.

Turn right on Trail 3381 nearly 5 mi to the summit. For this, walk up to a nearby saddle on the ridge crest and turn right at a switchback. Continue much steeper through the woods with less flora and some views from the rockier path down to Tumble Lake right of Elephant Rock. Comically S of Tumble Lake is Tumble Rock with Tumble Falls on Tumble Creek, accessible from Tumble Lake Trail and/or Tumble Ridge Trail down very steeply E of Tumble Lake! Finish the summit block instead up 5 quick switchbacks as you suddenly break out into the wide open above tree line to an old cement lookout foundation slab surrounded by broken glass.

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