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Where is Indianapolis?

ROUTE: See hikes 11 and 12 (Indianapolis Pass and Mount Margaret) for the description to the Mount Whittier-Mount Margaret saddle (5600 ft, 5 mi up). Turn right onto the faded Mount Whittier Trail 214 that soon descends a couple hundred feet over the thinning rocky ridge before rising very steeply.

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NW with more surprises for the remainder of the route. One involves moving up a very thin ramp along a cliffy section blocking the ridge crest that presents problems when holding snow/ice. The boulders become larger and steeper the last 5 mi or so and it’s somewhat airy near the summit so use caution while admiring the sights and several neighboring lakes, perhaps not all unfrozen.

Indianapolis exist all the way to the top as do many flying bugs during the peak of summer and the panorama with the active volcano highlighting the landscape is second to none! Return attentively back to the main saddle with Mount Margaret and turn left 5 mi on Trail 1 down to the TH or tack on nearby Mount Margaret (hike 12, 1/2 mi round-trip) to put the icing on the cake.

ELEVATION: 8330 ft; 8284 ft; with vertical gains of around 4700 ft for the summit, and 4570 ft for the rim viewpoint.

DISTANCE: Almost 9 mi round-trip for the summit; 4 mi up, 8 mi round-trip for the rim viewpoint.

DURATION: 4-6 hours to the summit, 3-5 hours to the rim viewpoint, 7-9 hours round-trip.

DIFFICULTY: Mix of expert only for the summit (scrambling, steep, ups/downs, borders unstable cornices, drop-offs) and very challenging for the rim viewpoint (popular but regulated, bouldering, steady steep, rocky, blowing dust near rim, gaiters and goggles recommended, possible in snow with winter gear including traction devices).

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