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The concept of going abroad for cosmetic surgery is by no means a new one, however the reasons why people are doing so, and the volume at which they are doing it, has become much greater in the past few years. Whereas in the past, the main reason why people from countries where cosmetic surgery is typically very expensive, like the UK and USA, chose to travel to other countries was simply because it is cheaper, and that they may be able to go away, have the procedure done and come back without anybody knowing they had ‘had work done’, there are now several additional motivating factors that are making travel to a Malaysia clinic for cosmetic procedures or to Singapore for hair replacement even more appealing and accessible.

A Better Service and More Relaxing Recuperation

When you visit a local clinic for a cosmetic procedure, the process is carried out very professionally but then you simply go home and have to take care of yourself during your recovery period. Some procedures are quite painful to recover from, and despite being excited about soon being able to enjoy the results of your surgery, the recuperation period can be a bit depressing. When you arrange the procedure somewhere exotic, you don’t simply go home and suffer through those first few days. You can stay in a nice hotel where people can tend to your needs for things like food and drink, and you can enjoy the company of other people who are there for the same reason as you while you relax on the beach. All this, and often still for half the price of having things done in a US clinic. This is why cosmetic surgery tourism to already popular vacation destinations like Malaysia and Thailand is really booming.

Easy and Non-Threatening to Organize

When it was a rarer thing to do, organising a cosmetic surgery vacation would involve a bit of knowledge and experience, and also may make people a little afraid. Nowadays, when everybody arranges everything online and also posts details about just about every experience they ever have on the web, you know that you can not only arrange all of the practicalities of your trip very simply (there are even companies who will arrange the whole thing as a package holiday for you), but also that if there are any ‘true life horror stories’ about a destination or facility you are going to you can find out long before it is too late with a simple Google search. Indeed, you can easily find real patients’ reviews of just about any clinic in the world and know for sure that you are making an informed choice.

As you can see, in the modern age traveling for cosmetic procedures is not just the cheapest option, but also one that is very low risk compared to a decade ago, and can actually make the whole process of your surgery and recovery a far more pleasant experience.

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