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The sun is setting, and I’m with my guide Laura, and we’re going on the Rome By Night walking tour, where we’re gonna see the best of Rome at night. While this is a walking tour, part of the tour also includes a private bus, where we get to see a little more of the sights of Rome cause there’s just so much to see. I’m walking in the smallest country in the world, Vatican City, there are 800 people here.

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So we’re in the Vatican, and I see all these statues all over, are they anything in particular? Yes of course, because that one is the Colonnade, so we can that the Colonnade is surrounded by 140 statues of saints. From here, you can have a beautiful view of the town. If you have a special someone, this is the place to come. We’re on the top of Janiculum Hill, and you get a view of the entire city of Rome, it’s absolutely beautiful.

This is also known as the Make-Out Hill, they’re just having fun and enjoying themselves. I’m driving through Rome right now, and we’re seeing the Colosseum lit up by night, Capital Square that was built by Michelangelo, all these incredible things that I’ve seen by day, but I’ve never seen at night, and it’s just magical. I’m walking on a true Roman road right now, this is where all the chariots used to pass, and you can still see some of chariot marks in these rocks. That one is the typical shape of the Colosseum, because you can see that on the left it’s really well preserved. You can find 80 arches on each floor, so in total – Laura told me that Rome was going to be amazing by night and it totally blew away my expectations. Thank you so much. You’re welcome.

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