So last night. I got up at like 3:00 in the morning trying to deal with his holding the cigarette thing basically.

I was able to get it back. And then within probably an hour the guy took it back. So he reacted.

I finally kind of got security or reauthorized it through Instagram. I took it back again probably about an hour ago. And five minutes later he literally stole the account back.

So that’s what, I’m dealing with right now, it’s really really annoying, it’s it’s really like, it’s actually killing my trip right now, it’s like. I know, I’m about to go up north where this would be very little Wi-Fi. And I have no idea what’s gonna be happening with my Instagram account to be posting who knows what.

And you know the worst part is he’s actually trying to bait people into giving up their information. And using my accounts. And he’s pretending to be me which is the problem yeah, it’s it’s been a past three days has been bit below for me.

I, I’m just tired of Vietnam right now the people are just really grinding me down here perhaps making things worse because, I’m just like really gone but the Vietnamese people are just they’re killing me right now they’re just trying to take all my money like their. I mean the scams they do are small their pennies two dollars but, it’s just every single person is trying to either bump the exchange rate they’re trying to shortchange you they’re just in any corner they can take they’re trying to make their extra money. And, it’s just really annoying because.

I constantly have to be on my edge. And I can’t say. I’ve had that experience in other countries so.

I know my vlogs haven’t been as uplifting as usual but, I’m pretty pretty feeling pretty about this place right now but what is cool is that, we’re heading up north to sapa. And assuming all works well we will be there in about three hours, we’ve been on the bus for three hours already. And what’s cool to do in Sabah is actually home state.

So you meet a village woman basically who you called mama from what. I’ve heard. And for like 24 hours you kind of live in a village.

And stop out. So you have to walk like four hours to their village all your bags they carry your bags too. And you walk through rice terraces.


And it’ll be an interesting experience. I hope there’s Wi-Fi because. I really want to be going up there knowing that my Instagram account is secured but we’ll see what houses either way pretty lucky to be here.

And, I’m gonna try to look at it on the optimistic side thanks you’re really company too started climbing a big that’s. So cool they literally carve out the side of the mountains just to make these rice terraces, we’ve arrived in sapa. And as soon as their bus pulled it into the parking lot like there had to have been like 15 of these little women just ran up to the bus they literally ran up to the bus.

And i guess these are the mamas or something. So you basically do a homestay. So with you follow them back to their homes.

And they cook for you they show you how they live. And yeah they show you the rice fields. And basically what’s off is about.

So, I’m really excited about that, we’re gonna go pick our mom out hello Vancouver Canada yes Canada me. And her advantage we go to second village stay because you get to maybe they okay okay these do come on. I hope saving, it’s already like 2:30 p.

M.. So we actually didn’t end up going with the homestay just yet because the walk back to her village would have taken like 4 hours.

So basically the best part the rice fields that we wanted to see would be pretty much we’d be getting there when it turned dark. So didn’t really make much sense we’ll just do a day trek tomorrow. And tonight, we’re gonna stay to hotel laura has already gotten on a motorcycle.

And gone off he’s gonna come back to pick me up he kept insisting to put us both on the back of the motorcycle with all of our bags but that doesn’t sound like a great idea to me. So, I’m just gonna wait for him to come grab me, it’s really late like 4 o’clock you rented a bike for the remaining sunlight, we’re gonna go check out the big waterfall here well. I don’t know how big it is but this waterfall.

And it was really funny we come down to the lobby. And like the front desk lady doesn’t know any English like she didn’t even own a motorbike Liz but she knew enough English to ask for a photo with us and. So we had to take a photo using our camera.

And we have to now email it to her or text it to her, I’m not sure but anyways. I think, it’s cuz, we’re getting closer to China. And in China they really love to be seen with foreigners, it’s like a status thing.

So they’ll actually go out of the way to basically ask for pictures with anyone that looks like they’re from you know Western countries no. I really like it here. So far going up this random path.

So this is the train, we’re dealing with, it’s like curvy roads that follow the mountain. And I actually feel like, I’m back home, it’s really cool there’s not many places in Asia where you get this kind of greenery. And mountain range, it’s a lot like British Columbia in Canada which is where both Abby.

And I are from. So pretty, I’m learning that there’s literally waterfalls all over Asia. And we are about to go see a big one here, it’s about a 20 minute walk one kilometer away.

And the Sun starting to set. So we gotta hurry up. So, we’re gonna go see a big waterfall we’ll take you with us we’ll share some memories some moments together.

And he’ll have some laughs all right guys see you there your flip flops are holding up pretty well. I got them made watch. I did get the mate.

I bought them, I’m stuck. I bought them in hey hey wait an. I keep getting Hawaiian.

And I know he mixed up but anyways yeah they’re pretty good Laurie got some gladiators yeah if we had more time we would have both got our shoes custom-made but we were really lucky because everything fit perfectly. And we didn’t have time because we were leaving early the next morning but yeah really happy with everything we bought in Hawaii on except for the fact that it would literally emptied out my bank account. So you know that’s life across the old rickety bridge into a land of mystery well.

I paid two. And a half dollars you have to get in here. So I expect you.

And the trekking outfit of the day high heels okay, it’s beautiful but I really could have gone without seeing this. So far not that impressive when you compare it to the waterfalls, we’ve seen that’s the funny thing about traveling, it’s like as soon as you see something that’s beautiful you always compare it to everything else you see following that and.

So, we’ve seen Kuang si. And Laos we saw two Malaga falls in the Philippines. And like, it’s just such a high bar to set, I’m not sure there’s many more waterfalls in Southeast Asia that really compare so.

I don’t know anyway, it’s good to get up do a bit of walking we do a lot of sitting on buses recently. And good to stretch the old legs out a Abby oh yeah turns out this is actually a very nice waterfall. I’ve spotted one of the locals they have their DSLR out especially a lot a civil waterfall that we thought but, we’re ready to move on was am this is highlight-reel we just watch like the prettiest sunset from in here the way the light was like refracting from the clouds.

And the trees it was just. So like it feels mystical, I’m gonna post a picture on Instagram you’ll see it be like that was mystical or. I won’t yeah.

I mean that’s that’s assuming. I ever get my Instagram back not the big one you can leave we just had our dinner but on bigger news there’s a cute, it’s just following mom left everyone likes chicken yeah even you like do you yeah, it’s all yours this is our glamorous room for the night, we’re reading basically like the equivalent of much music but in Vietnam, it’s really funny you get to watch all the Vietnamese music posts. And a lot from China.

I would assume. And some are actually really well done. And then some are just awful somewhere like huh.

So most are awful like. And by bad. I mean like like worse than like you pulling a garage band.

And making it in your basement like it’s so bad but you know each to their own. And tonight, we’re gonna end there Nate’s pretty much here, it’s like only 9 o’clock but Abby.

And I both have a lot of editing to do. And there’s not too much to do. And stop after hours.

So we’ll just be chillin see you guys in the morning where we will do the trekking. So, we’re gonna meet with the locals. And go check out one of the villages see you then.

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