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Are you based in Phoenix, Arizona? If you have just started a new business, you may be wondering how you can go about being found on Google in Phoenix, Arizona in order to gain potential customers. Let’s begin with the basics!

You have probably heard this before, but content is king! This means that what is written on your website is extremely important and can mean the difference in your website appearing in the first or last page in someone’s Google search.

Pay careful attention to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For instance, if you are selling lawnmowers in Phoenix, Arizona, you may want to carefully consider keywords such as, lawnmowers Phoenix, Arizona, Phoenix lawnmowers, Arizona lawnmowers, etc. This will go a long way in helping you to get your website ranked higher when customers search for the same or similar products in your area.

After you are certain that your content is 100% accurate and SEO friendly , you can submit it to Google. If you don’t know how to do this, ask you developer to do this for you. Google will then crawl (or automatically inspect) your website, checking for meta tags and text.

Another great way to attract more visitors to your website us to use a local service that offers low cost of free links to your website. This can bring in some great quality leads that could mean big business for you! You could also consider adding your website and company profile to a local online business directory.

Also remember to link your website with your social media profiles in order to increase your online presence and hits to your website.

All these steps, combined, will ensure that you will be seen on Google in Phoenix, Arizona!

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