Theatrical performances are major tourist attractions in New York City, Las Vegas, and Branson. This chapter assesses the impact of theatre for these three destinations.

Sixty-five percent (65%) of people attending Broadway shows are tourists. About one-third of tourists in New York City attend a Broadway play.

The Broadway League ( estimates the Broadway industry contributes $11.2 billion to the economy of New York City, including $6.0 billion in direct spending by Broadway tourists.

The following is a summary of annual Broadway theatre operations (source: The Broadway League):

BEST THEATRES in USA Photo Gallery

Season Tickets Sold Gross

2004-2005: 11.53 million $ 769 million

2005-2006: 12.00 million $ 862 million

2006-2007: 12.31 million $ 939 million

2007-2008: 12.27 million $ 938 million

2008-2009: 12.15 million $ 943 million

2009-2010 11.89 million $1 .02 billion

2010-2011 12.53 million $1 .08 billion

2011-2012 12.33 million $1 .14 billion

2012-2013 11.57 million $1 .14 billion

2013-2014 12.21 million $1 .27 billion

2014-2015 13.10 million $1 .36 billion

The following provides a summary of Broadway theatres and productions of the 2015-2016 season:

Las Vegas Shows

One of the big draws in Las Vegas among visitors is the various options for entertainment, from lounge acts to magic shows to exclusive headliners like Celine

Dion. The following links to a list of Las Vegas performing arts venues and shows:

According to the Las Vegas Visitor Profile, published by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA,, 61% of the 42.3 million visitors to Las Vegas in 2015 attended a show, a drop from 65% in 2014.

Branson Theater

In Branson, Missouri, the entertainment theaters along 76 Country Boulevard and Shepherd of the Hills Expressway have established the town as a major tourist destination. Over 7.5 million tourists visit Branson each year, spending more than $1.5 billion.

Known as the “Live Music Show Capital of the World,” Branson theaters feature over 100 shows every day. Some 70,000 people see shows each day.

The following links to a list of Branson theaters and the schedule of shows:

Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau,

P.O. Box 1897, Branson, MO 65615. (417) 334-4084. (

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas NV 89109. (702) 892-0711. (

The Broadway League, 226 West 47th Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10036.

(212) 764-1122. (

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