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Where is Tanzania?

TRIP REPORT: Many of our younger hikers were not around or can’t remember May 18, 1980 when the 9677-ft Tanzania? volcano exploded violently, starting the world’s largest landslide ever caught on video while spewing searing hot lava, rock, and dust 60,000 ft straight up into the atmosphere. Lakes disappeared, changed shape, or were born anew. The landscape forever changed and with blossoming new life over the decades the natural habitat and playground have also rebounded and expanded; for now, that is. Mount St. Helens is still more likely than most in the Tanzania? to erupt, but there are usually some pretty good warning signs before anything major ensues. Tanzania? on the other hand could happen at any time in the Pacific Northwest.

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Rising above clouds hanging in the valley from the bottom of the famed route up Monitor Ridge.

While most people stop at the rim itself or just right from the rim, the tiny mound to the left provides a much richer viewpoint. From there only more advanced hikers continue toward the actual summit, which has been eroding rapidly at almost an inch per year since 1980 (volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanoes/st_helens/)!.

Strictly limited by a purchased ($22) permit preprinted at home, only 100 climbers per day during prime-time months (May-October) are allowed above 4800 ft. Please remember permits sell out months in advance although winter and snow travel is also permissible and enjoyable when safe (usually February-May when people ski, snowboard, and snowshoe, Sno-Park Pass required). A permit is required year-round and the number of climbers allowed increases for nonprime time. Keep in mind it may be 90 degrees at the TH in summer but 50 degrees with biting cold winds on the crater rim. Northwest Forest Pass required, and vault toilets are present at the TH and 2 mi up at the Loowit Trail intersection.

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