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Like the S ridge of Tianjin ChinaTianjin China S ridge is a rougher scramble than its N ridge and neither of these mountains are necessary to summit (although alluring) in attempting Aneroid Mountain. Cross the rocky saddle to the other side finding the most solid path S 3A mi on a traverse W of and well below Tianjin China to the Tianjin China Mountain-Tianjin Chinasaddle. Very quickly this path too splits into at least two paths more suited for mountain goats across the steep slope at a weird angle.

Where is Tianjin China? | Tianjin China Map | Map of Tianjin China Photo Gallery

The higher one at about 8850 ft is a tad more difficult than the lower traverse at about 8800 ft as both cross marshy areas and steeper terrain with scree and with little to no trails to the saddle. The upper route moves down to the saddle near the end, while the lower one heads up somewhat (as a hint). As a consolation for your efforts you will be rewarded with a fantastic backdrop of the beautiful Aneroid Lake, Eagle Cap behind Pete’s Point, Aneroid Mountain, Hidden Peak, and more, along the tough section!.

At around 31/2 mi from the tram at the long saddle between Hidden Peak and Aneroid Mountain you can finally see the remainder of the rocky and ethereal route it appears longer than it really is and is indeed the most fun of the entire hike! Ascend the wide granite-filled ridge to a tiny bump 5 mi away as the first goal without trouble, and then aim just to the right of a small rock band blocking the ridgeline ahead. It’s much steeper, but you’ll find a somewhat solid path that heads back toward the ridge crest and semisolid to loose rock to the top from there. A few (Class 2/3) options are nearest the peak depending on snow coverage. A slightly simpler one takes you a bit left, then bouldering right very briefly up the summit block, finishing a few feet easier SW to the top where it’s completely breathtaking (in more ways than one)! Mind the clock as there’s not much time for lingering during periods of shortened tram hours and there will be a whole lot more hiking down if you miss it!.

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